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…in it you will learn how to be part of saving the world while improving every aspect of your own life too.



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Remember When You Still Dreamed Big….

When you read about pyramid power, wondered about it, thought, "I could do that! Who knows what discoveries I might make" but you got caught up, not enough time, not enough money, kids driving you crazy, headache most of the time or just so tired you sort of drag yourself through the day. Most of us feel some or all of these feelings and wonder is there something more I could be doing?

Well There Is Something You Can do!

Science has now conclusively shown that yes, there is something more you can do. And its safe, healthy, fast acting and lasts for ever. Sound too good to be true. Well keep reading because this is the real deal.

russian pyramid


Build Your Own Russian Pyramid! Like Dr. Golod's Amazing 144ft Russian Pyramid

Before 2001 Dr. Golod's work was largely unknown in the west. That all changed when Dr. John DeSalvo publishes his amazing Complete Pyramid Source Book. The research he describes in his book can be described as groundbreaking and as word spreads interest grows. Here are some of the key facts that he uncovered and mentions.

The Russian/Ukrainian research started in 1991 and by 2010 Dr. Golod and his team have constructed over 50 of golden section pyramids in 8 different locations across Russia and the Ukraine. The pyramids were built in many places including Moscow, Astrakhan, Sochi, Zoporozhye, Voronezh, Belgorod, the Tver Region, Krasnodar, Tolyatti, Uzbekistan, and France. All these pyramids are constructed using the golden ratio of 1:1.168. His largest pyramid stands at 144ft tall and weighs 55tons which considering it has no metal in it is quite amazing. Dr. Golod was very specific when describing his construction process and said that, "no metal and only non conductive materials must be used". Hmmm... makes one wonder doesn't it?

I Got So Excited, I had to Build My Own

small plywood russian pyramid

So I did. Having some building experience and access to master carpenters, a large shop and not (yet) having a whole mess of kids to take care of. I started by building tiny ones, then bigger and finally a smallish (4ft high) beauty that currently is moderating EM radiation in my house from a small knoll behind our home.

But What About You? What's Holding You Back?

You are ready to become something more. You are ready to be a part of the coming changes rather than sitting on the sidelines You may have even decided to build your own pyramid. So now what? Do you know the angles? Do you know the steps? Have you worked with wood before? Do you know the most important part of your pyramid design? Do you understand the different ways it can be aligned for different purposes?

Trust me, I asked myself these same questions and felt those same frustrations when I was starting out. Struggling with math, scratching my head over complicated plans, worrying over details and yet KNOWING I could build my own pyramidif only someone would "show me the steps".

Well after suffering long enough I finally sat down with a master carpenter and hammered out a simple, inexpensive, easy to follow, guaranteed crazy strong design that ANYONE can follow to create their very own Russian Pyramid using simple tools and materials you can get from any lumber yard.

Recent Customer Review:

russian pyramid review

And... The Whole Process Was A Blast!

model russian pyramid

So when friends started bugging me to explain the angles, give them tips on materials and even asked to buy completed pyramids from me I said, "Here you go." And up a bit of pyramid history and a bit of background and a simple easy to follow manual. Then I forgot all about it! Life got busy, my wife and I had problems starting a family... etc. etc.

Imagine my surprise when the first, then the second, then more and more people started asking me about pyramid math, pyramid angles, pyramid construction from my blog at www.ten1000things.org. That's when I remembered the forgotten manuscript. So I got it out, updated it and here we are! In fact if you are itching to get started building your own DIY Russian Pyramid. Grab the eBook in PDF format right now.

But Maybe You Need More Information Before You Decide.

No problem.

First Lets Look My Background


Then the Amazing Russian Pyramids.

First Off, Why Should You Trust Me?

Short answer: you shouldn't trust me or any other so called expert without doing your homework first!

You must trust yourself to know the real deal when you come across it. I have been building things from mansions to chicken coops for 40+ years and am currently writing this from my off grid, passive solar, earth sheltered, rocket mass heated home I built myself for less than the cost of a new truck.

So... you could buy a hollow unobtanium crystalline gold plated pyramid kit from some engineer who has never picked up a tape measure in his life or you could buy some made in China crap pyramid from some whacko on eBay.

Or... you could do what your ancestors did and build your future, your prosperity and your family's health and security with your own two hands.

Now Back To What Makes Russian Pyramids So Darn Great

1. Russian Pyramids Moderate Weather. Say Goodbye to Worry About Extremes of Snow, Rain and Wind

Of course no technology however advanced can stop a hurricane but a properly build Russian Pyramid has been scientifically shown to affect natural systems, including water, air, magnetic and yes even weather patterns. Why do you think the ancients were so keen on building them everywhere? And I do mean everywhere!

2. Russian Pyramids are Shown to Send Energy Out Rather Than Focusing it Mostly Inside Where it Does Less Good

The internet, libraries and books are all loaded with information about Giza style pyramids and the amazing benefits one can reap from putting things inside them. But what about around them? The Russian or Nubian style pyramid interacts with the environment around it as well as inside much more than other types. This is why it is such a good choice for geopathic relief, EM protection and general calming of any area.

3. Building Your Own Russian Pyramid Is Easy

Once you have downloaded the included spreadsheets, instructions and step by step plans you can be build your own Russian pyramid with basic tools and with NO SPECIAL SKILLS.

4. Be Part Of A Global Movement

In the wake of the Cory Good revelations you owe it to yourself and the world to build a pyramid to assist in the consciousness revolution that is occurring right now.

5. Russian Pyramids are Amazing. They Feel Great and Uplift the Spirit

When Dr. Golod figured out the math on these amazing pyramids he realized that by using the golden phi ratio in the shape he could create even more powerful pyramid effects than the Egyptians did. In fact notable Tibetan monks have commented that Golod's 144ft pyramid is, "...the perfect place."

6. DIY Russian pyramids are Fast to Build

With basic hand tools, a good manual you can build and assemble your first pyramid in a couple of days. The whole thing from ordering your materials to aligning your pyramid is explained in painstaking detail so nothing is left to chance when you start your project.

7. Building Your Own Russian Pyramid is Cost Effective. So You Keep More Money in Your Wallet

A good sized pyramid can be build with basic materials from Home Depot for less than a hundred bucks and a big one with foundation, cover, door, windows, vents, a floor and heat, can be made for less than the price of a decent used car.

8. Russian pyramids are FUN. And Who Doesn’t Want To Have More Fun?

Lots of city's, parks and playgrounds have interesting structures in them and when you are building your pyramid you are building something even cooler because it is improving your life even just by being around it.

And if you build a big one you can hang a swing or a hammock inside, grab your favorite beverage and just relax in the incredibly peaceful feeling space. Either way the pyramid is a fun space to build and to be in. Just watch the reaction of your friends and family as they come inside. There is something magic about the way the pyramid space affects people. Even pets love it!

9. Russian Pyramids are Great for Growing Food. Less Time Growing = More Time Enjoying Eating With Friends and Family

Put a pyramid in your garden. You will be amazed at how your pests go away, weeds pull easier and your crops are bigger and tastier than ever before. But that is nothing compared to actually putting the plants inside the pyramid as a greenhouse!

There are many types of greenhouses on the market and they all work to some degree but when it comes down to growing hundreds of pounds of amazing, organic, fruits, veggies and sprouts the pyramid shape is way ahead of the rest. The clear open space allows for multiple levels of planters with good light penetration while the use of vertical gardens can increase the yield on a small area 500% or more. If you add a aquaponic system you can even grow protein in your pyramid greenhouse.

10. Building Your Own pyramid Is Great for Your Soul and Your Health

There are some mighty expensive pyramid products out there so when you build your own you save tons of money, you are actually using your body (exercise) and once your pyramid is activated you reap the soul rewards ever after.

11. Pyramids are Good for the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Everyone knows we have to take action to slow down global climate change but most of us are paralyzed by doubts about what to actually do. When you grow some or all of your own food around or in your Russian Pyramid you not only save money you save tons of CO2 every year by not shipping food from far away in giant diesel semi trucks. In fact American food travels an average of 1,500 to 2,500 miles from farm to table, according to the Worldwatch Institute. Even reducing your food miles by a few thousand per year HAS AN IMPACT.

12. Your Russian Pyramid Will Make You Friends and Make You Feel Great Too

First when you give people fresh produce you grew near your pyramid. But more importantly when you join up with other pyramid enthusiasts you will be part of a new social group and will make friends, trade stories and share tips and tricks. This social activity around food production is some of the most rewarding time you can have in your life. Compared to driving to a job you hate, to spend time with people who “just don’t get it” only to drive home again, being around your pyramid friends is literally a life saver..

14. Having Your Own Backyard Pyramid is Good Insurance

With every year being “record breaking” for heat, drought, rain, storms, hurricanes, floods and other “natural” disasters having the ability to modify your local micro climate and feed yourself and your family is the only real insurance you can’t afford not to have.

15. Your Russian Pyramid Can Actually be Built for “Nothing”

Even if you don’t have a single extra dime you can build your own pyramid. Yes it will take you longer to salvage the materials but it can be done for $0.00 if you are creative and willing to work hard.

The main part is plywood but because we live in such a rich society you can find it for free in the free section of CraigsList.org or ask at your local construction site if you can salvage from the “off cuts” pile.

Glue, paint and tools can be found again for free online or at your local recycling center (hang around and talk to people who are dropping stuff off) or CraigsList.org in the free section. Same with plastic, stain, and other things you need to make a pyramid. Tools can be borrowed or found on CraigsList.org as well. It will take longer, it will be more challenging but it can be done and it IS REWARDING.

16. Building Your Own Pyramid Makes You a Leader and Feel Important

If you engage with friends, neighbors and others you will soon become a locally known expert in energy work, building and environmental stewardship. Of course you could hide in the hills and make pyramids for only yourself but you will have more fun if you share your skills with others. Plus they will think you are an upstanding community member.

And even if they think you are totally bonkers, they will still be positively impacted by the energy from the pyramid and leave you alone!

17. If Your Pyramid is Big Enough You Can Sleep or Even Live in it in an Emergency

Who knows what will happen in the future but there are enough fires, disasters, break-ups, and other unexpected circumstances that having a powerful, energizing, calming space to shelter in for a while is another “ace in the hole” I am sure happy to have in my hand.

18. Russian Pyramids are Amazing. And Who Doesn’t Want to be part of that?

Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller wowed the world with his sci-fi looking geodesic domes back in the day and they still have that WOW factor today. Not many things that are more than 50 years old can still get people’s attention and make them stop and take notice in these days of pads, pods and iEverythings.

Now Dr. Golod has done it again and the world has taken notice. The pyramids he has build in Russia are internationally recognized as amazing architectural achievements and well known as being incredibly powerful too.

19. Pyramids Make it Easy to Give. And Giving Feels Great

We all know we should help those around us who are not so fortunate but how? Having a Russian pyramid makes it easy. Just build it and people benefit from fresher air, clearer heads and reduced harmful emissions of all types and if they are gardening too; you have helped their garden as well as your own.

20. The Russian Pyramid Design in my Book is Simple to Assemble and Easy to Build at Home

The hardest part of any building project is knowing the "how" when that part has been taken care of then the doing is actually very straight forward and rewarding.

21. Your Russian Pyramid Can Even Make You Money

Once you have build your pyramids likely friends and others will want you to assist them in doing the same. Some people have actually become so knowledgeable that that is all they do and everyone benefits by having more pyramids!

22. No Complicated Cutting Required

The Russian pyramid system is specially thought out to be easy to assemble, fast and straight forward. There are NO compound cuts you don’t need a $600 compound miter saw, or to do wild gymnastics with each side to make it all work. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, measure, cut, drill, glue and assemble.

What are Other People Doing With Pyramid Power?

Searching Google for "pyramid power" returns over 220,000 sites, add books, pyramid products and YouTube videos and you have a serious phenomenon going on. Why isn't the mainstream media or science covering this?

I have my ideas but in my view simply building your own Russian pyramid is the most amazing thing you can do for yourself, your family and your community and people WILL notice I guarantee it..

But don’t take my word for it. . . Listen to what others have said about the Russian pyramids they built.

  • Do you want to start building pyramids?
    Do you think as me that the pyramids and pyramids kits online are too expensive?
    Or that they limit your choice of material.
    Sasha LeBaron's ebook : "Russian Pyramid Revealed, A beginners guide"
    Is a very good way to start building your own pyramids.
    I was building pyramids just days after I bought the ebook
    Besides an "how to" build a pyramid, the book also contains a lot of history,
    and information on pyramids hard to find.
    And to top it of, you get access to members area, with lots of updates and other useful resources.
    Buy the ebook and start building now.
    Join a worldwide community of pyramid builders.
    ~ Glenn B. Norway

    Russian Pyramid Models
  • Thank you for your book. My mind is so much clearer now that I sleep near my pyramid ~ TC France
  • Great book! As well as giving a great overview of pyramid history, structure, uses (historically and presently) you bring in a lot of other interesting research to give a broader perspective, also nteresting about the frequencies of the sandstone and granite and the energetic qualities.~ EH Vancouver, Canada
  • Hi Sasha
    Here is a pic of my first pyramid. Made from recycled cardboard, sticky tape, acrylic paint and gold paper. It's not perfect but I had a lovely time making it. Thanks so much for great instructions in your book. I've been reading about pyramids for years but didn't think I could build one till now. Please feel free to use this email to help share your excellent book on pyramids. Best wishes, Mary.
  • russian pyramid scale model

  • Now that we have several pyramids humming away in the back yard the dog is waay less stressed and my husband thinks his hair is starting to grow back! ~AC Alaska

Frequently Asked Questions:

But do I need a permit?

That depends on where you live. If you are urban keep it small! Keep the “foot print” under a certain lower limit and you are home free. Check with your local city planning office. If you are out in the country where no building code is enforced you can probably just go for it but don’t get too crazy with your foundation unless you are sure you will be keeping your pyramid there for a while.

Are Russian pyramids hard to build?

That depends. But with a clear guidebook you will be miles ahead of trying to "wing it." It will be easier for some than for others but the feeling of accomplishment and pride you will feel when you look at your own pyramid you built with your very own hands you will say, “That was easier than I expected.” And no one who as applied themselves has failed to build a working Russian Pyramid using my book.

Are these pyramids safe?

Yes as long as you follow some simple guidelines. Don't drink to much pyramid energized water. If plants start to wilt they may be getting too much energy, try changing the location. If you feel constant pressure, buzzing, etc. try moving your pyramid. Some people are so sensitive that the calming energy from the pyramid canceling out harmful energy feels stressful. If you feel good around your pyramid do more and take everything slow while keeping notes.

But how much do they cost?

A small one costs less than a fancy meal out and a large one you could live in can be built for less than the price of a decent used car.

How long do they last?

The more time you invest in the building phase the longer your Russian Pyramid will last. Especially in areas with termites! Be super careful and take the extra time to keep your wooden pyramid off the ground on rock or as an island in a pool. Pyramids will generally last 20-30 years out doors if well taken care of. If you live in a dry climate then they will last almost for ever though the paint will need to be refreshed from time to time

OK I’m excited! Now how do I get started?

That is the easiest part of all. CLICK the DOWNLOAD NOW link right now, enter your credit card or PayPal information and in a few minutes you will be reading the fully illustrated Russian Pyramid Builders Guide in eBook format on your tablet, phone or computer in PDF format.

That sounds straight forward but what if I don’t like the eBook and Membership Access?

If you don’t like the book for ANY REASON you simply ask for a refund and ClickBank will issue it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You have 60 full days to review the book and if you still don’t think its right for you simple ask for a refund and your money will be back to you within 24hrs. I guarantee it. Not only that since ClickBank does the refund I can't even stop it going through!

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is the largest online marketplace for information and digital products in the world. They sell hundreds of thousand digital products, and it fill over 7,000,000 orders per year. All products ordered through ClickBank are covered by the no questions asked return policy and have full dispute resolution mechanisms in place. I work hard to insure that everyone who orders my eBook through ClickBank is 110% satisfied so email me first and I will personally assist you. But if you want a refund that part happens automatically.

Other online products have lots of free bonuses, why don’t you offer them?

The main reason is the book is just that good. It totally stands on it own. But that being said, there is a members area for those who have purchased the book to download spreadsheets, reports and other pyramid resources. This resource area for members is INCLUDED at no extra cost when you download your copy of the DIY Russian Pyramid Construction Manual right now

So there you have it.

You know in your gut that this is something you want to do so why are you stalling? For most of us its simply the unknown. How do I do it? Is it good? Will It work for me?

Well let me help you remove those challenges.

Download my in depth book right now and you will be taking the first step to actually having your own fully functioning Russian Pyramid for research, personal growth or any other use you can think of. Download the eBook from the above link right now. Read it. Ask any questions on the blog or to my direct email then start building! As the man said when asked, “When is the best time to build?” The answer: “Last Year!”

But how much does the book cost?

Less than lunch at McDonalds for two. Or if you don’t do accounting in hamburgers $37.00


How do I read it after I download it?

It’s an Adobe PDF file so use any PDF reader and enjoy!

Can I read it on my tablet or smartphone?

Yes! It will be more challenging on your phone but on a tablet you can have the book open as a reference as you build

How is the Russian Pyramid eBook delivered?

By instant download. Simply right click on the DOWNLOAD link and “SAVE to your Desktop or Documents”

What if I have a problem or a question?

Use the CONTACT US page at the top or email sashaATten1000things.org So go ahead and take the eBook for a spin, build your own pyramid and get your self, your future and your family on solid ground.

OK So Now What?

I could go on about how few copies of the book there are, or how I am going to raise the price soon but I won't. This is simply too important to play those kinds of games.

Simply put we are ALL running out of time. The powers that be. Big business and the governments they have bought are selling us down the river and the changes that are coming are such that if you don't start ensuring your own security you are living on borrowed time. Russian pyramids are known to moderate weather, improve crops, sweeten water, increase the effectiveness of medicines, relax dangerous people, repel noxious insects from crops and improve mental, physical and spiritual health as well. So the real question is: why haven't you built yours already?

My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the book for ANY REASON? Click “refund” and ClickBank issues it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED and there is nothing I can do to stop it. You have 60 full days to review the eBook and if you still don’t think its right for I will refund your money back to you within 24hrs. Guaranteed.

YES, I Want My Russian Pyramid eBook, Manual and Membership

Right Now For Only $37!



Don't wait for hotter summers, polar vortexes, smart meter radiation, geopathic disease or anything else that can degrade your health and immune system to take its toll. Take action now!

Download the book right here right now and you can start building your own Russian Pyramid today.

Even if you don't grab my book today do something! And if you do decide now today to download the book you will become part of a growing community of caring humans who are taking action to not only have a better life personally but do something for the world too.

And... Remember

You can do this! You can build your own Russian pyramid and explore its powers. Or you can be like many and let opportunity slip through your hands and look back and still be thinking about doing years later, you know how that feels. Looking back on what you could have done, what you should have done, who you could be if you had only...

It is said that the meek shall inherit the earth. But here's the catch. it won't be worth much unless the brave people like you take action and do something to change things before it's too late! A network of Russian Pyramids spanning the globe would have an unknowable impact on events, climate, and the course of history, but only if enough get built.

A Final Word If I May...

And don't forget the biggest benefits are to you and your loved ones who are near the pyramid energy daily. I can't begin to tell you the amazing things that have gone on in my life since building my own pyramids but healthy twins after many miscarriages is the most life changing and amazing.

You have been thinking about pyramids and learning more about them for how many years now?

So let me be subtle at this point:


russian pyramid book

And remember I TAKE ALL THE RISK! Here let me spell it out again.

* *My 100%, No Questions Asked, Take It-To-The-Bank Guarantee * *

I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort and follow the steps laid out in my simple easy to understand book you WILL see results that will astound you. If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost of the book. In fact, you get double protection. Here's how. At any time, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Its that simple.


Sasha LeBaron

Husband, Father, Fire Fighter, Organic Gardener, Pyramid Explorer and Biodome Builder

P.S. Please don't be a "fence sitter". The ones who look back and say stuff like, "If I had only bought, built, learned, etc. I would be richer, smarter, more healthier etc." Be a doer. Be the person you know you are. Take action now and be one who shows people the way. Not by talking but by doing.

P.P.S. Building your own Russian Pyramid is easy if you have the plan, math and materials list all taken care of. Don't let procrastination rob you of your health, peace of mind and even your health get started right now.


Copywrite: 2015 www.ten1000things.org