Russian Pyramids: Hoax? Mystery? Gift To Humankind?

Russian Pyramids Improve Weather

Hopefully that got your attention! Now check out this information about Russian Pyramids I came across the other day. Yes, I will be building one. From the literature available online and off, this shape may be even more effective than the great pyramid of Giza.

144ft High Russian Pyramid

Follow my progress here or watch the webinar coming soon.


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19 Responses to Russian Pyramids: Hoax? Mystery? Gift To Humankind?

  1. Lorin Whittington says:

    Thank you for sharing this terrific information. It is very exciting, and I cannot wait to attempt to build one. This is the kind of thing that will change the world!

  2. From what i read on the internet , Russia isn’t free from Chemtrailing. Could you please verify this ?

    There has been mention of these Russian pyramids effecting/improving the local weather around the pyramids

    What about chemtrails ? And programes like HAARP that effect the earths energy fields /atmosphere I m wondering what could happen if a large pyramid is built in an area with heavy chemtrail pollution.

    • admin says:

      If Reich was busting clouds with orgone and the russian pyramids are diverting storms why wouldn’t a big one disrupt chemtrails?

      • Robert Spence says:

        I,m diabetec with terrable
        ( spelling ) & pain in nuropathy
        in feet Question … If I make
        one of these from plywood just
        plywood & glue & align it to
        true north then suspend it over
        my bed ( just a small one ) … Do
        you think or have you heard of any
        healthy benifits ? & yes you may post this
        if it has a positive responce that mite help other people..

        • admin says:

          Hi Robert,

          As long as you are being seen by health care practitioners that you believe in then adding a Russian pyramid to your sleeping area will certainly not hurt. Many people including in hospital trials have had great luck reducing pain using pyramids. Most of these were the Cheops variety so don’t be afraid to try different types if you are able. Please let us know how it goes and best of luck with managing your health challenges.

  3. jonjon says:

    Did you get to build the pyramid? and the webinar?

    I want to build one 30 feet tall here in Paraguay.



    • admin says:

      I have built several small ones and larger ones are coming. My goal is a 70ft one in a few years. Send us pictures of your jungle pyramid if you get a chance!

  4. I need to learn about kirilian photographs and how to connect with the people who having the knowledge.I am from Sri lanka having the interest of desease curing ability of pyramids

    • admin says:

      Hi Saman,

      Unfortunately though some research has been done by others with Kirilian photography of pyramids I don’t have the equipment for doing the research. If you come across recent pictures or videos please let us know so everyone can share pyramid knowledge.

  5. Robert Spence says:

    What whould I make one from & how whould I suspend it over my bed
    just big enuff to have a effect on PAIN of nuropathy in feet ?

    • admin says:

      Dr. Flanagan suggests titanium as a good material though others have had good success with copper too and that is more available. Include quarts crystals and make sure it is aligned to true north. Good luck.

  6. Roy Chee says:

    Hi Sasha,
    Thank you again for everything.
    In your PDF you mention a 4’6″ Pyramid. Is that size big enough to put a chair in for meditation etc or will I have to scale up

    Love Light and Peace


    • admin says:

      Hi Roy,
      I would build an 8ft one (most building materials are 8ft) and that will give you enough room to sit comfortably inside.

  7. Sage says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you happen to know if the Russians have continured their research? I am wondering if they happened to try to heal the earth near the Chernobyl site with pyramid power?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sage,
      David Wilcock would have better knowledge on the state of the Russian pyramid research. I do know that Chernobyl is slowly healing but I agree a pyramid program (maybe flown in whole to keep radiation exposure to a minimum) would be a fantastic addition to the work that Mother Earth is doing.

  8. allen says:

    I am wanting to build some larger pyramids and I don’t have the money to try to make the fancy top and bottom cuts repeatedly to get it right. I would love to be added to the forum so I could post questions and things.

    • allen says:

      Sorry I meant to put this too, I did purchase the manual and the info was great, I just didn’t get a couple of my construction questions answered.


      • admin says:

        Sorry to hear I missed some questions in regard to construction. I will look into it and get back to you.

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