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Welcome to Ten 1000 Things.org!

The Internet contains some billions of pages. Ten1000Things.org, is my humble attempt to debunk, describe and generally download on the many things that interest me, interest my network and maybe even interest you!

Starting with geodesic greenhouses! Read reviews, FAQ’s, stories and more all centered around the amazing world of super efficient year round food production when you build your own geo dome!

More to come…

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  1. Mike D. Menendez says:

    Hi Sasha! I live in Omak, Washington, not too far from you. I just want to Thank You for staying on top of all this information and getting it out to us! I’ve got all the Biodome information and had plans to build it this past spring, but in February I was diagnosed with leukemia. I’m just now finishing my last cleanup chemo, I go in the week of Nov. 17th for one week(even though I feel that I don’t need it). Because of an injury to my foot the leukemia went wild and I still ended up in a hospital in Seattle on May 5th. By May 26th, I was in complete remission, and at that hospital they call me “Miracle Guy”. So you can see that this year has been busy recovering from the medical establishment and how my plans were curtailed. I have two other families that are wanting to follow my lead on building greenhouses and I have already shared the pyramid information with them and they’re excited. As am I! My question to you right now is: do you have any comparison information between Russian and Egyptian pyramids? Because we will have several built in this area come the next spring. Thanks for everything!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      Congratulations on your recovery! And thanks for downloading the book! Please let me know what you think of it.

      As for comparison between the pyramids my research shows that the Russian or Nubian style pyramids broadcast energy out rather than in like the Egyptian/Giza style ones do? So for food preservation, plant germination, greenhouses etc. the Giza style seems more appropriate where if you want to protect against geopathic stress, remediate EMF, influence weather etc. the Russian style seems to work better.

      I am planning a larger Russian pyramid to compliment my 25ft biodome so having more just across the line will definitely be advantageous! Good luck with the build and please send pics as time permits.


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