This disclaimer policy is valid from 15 January 2012

This wordpress blog is my personal blog written and edited by myself. If you have questions about this blog, please contact me, by posting to the blog and someone will get back to you as soon as humanly possibly can but please be patient because there are many other demands on my time and though I might want to sometimes I don’t get to check my email for several days at a time. So, be patient. And as Bart Simpson says, “Don’t have a cow!” This blog does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions, though that might change at any time on the sole discretion of the chief bottle washer, that’s me. However even if I do you don’t have to click on anything you don’t want to it is for now at least a reasonably free Internet afteral. We may have and will and do insert links where appropriate to the content of the posting that will potentially lead to an external site where, if one is interested one might click on a link, thus leading to a commission being paid if a web site visitor chooses to click the link and visit said external website, then chooses to purchase products, information or services from said website. If the customer keeps the product, information or service then it is our understanding that they felt the price, value and terms were acceptable and therefore any remuneration paid to the owner of this blog that would be provided from the original purchase price should not interfere with the customers enjoyment of the original product, information or service. Of course because I am a capitalist by nature any potential or actual financial compensation received or imagined may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog, however please keep in mind, this is a personal blog written and edited for personal reasons, if you have any question, concern or problem, please feel free to comment and I will endeavour to work it however I may not, because as I said before its my thing and you can always hit back on your browser, or you can simply utilize your God given right to look for information somewhere else on the great big internet. Products and information represented on this blog either by link or by graphic may or may not always be identified as being ones that will either directly or indirectly benefit the blog owner that’s me, through commissions paid after a successful sales transaction by you and the website owner that the link pointed to usually ClickBank. But don’t worry, because as most if not all sales are mediated by ClickBank the worlds largest and most trusted vendor of digital products you can be 100% sure of your ability to get a full refund on almost everything you may or may not buy from a link leading out of this website. The owner of this blog may or may not be compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics though often he (I) write just because I like writing and don’t make a red cent of if, either through the sharing of net proceeds of successful sales made after (either directly or later) viewing free information provided by this blog. Even though the owner of this blog may (if you like the information,choose to visit an external site, like the information found there, choose to purchase a product, service or information from said external site) or may not receive compensation for completed sales that may or may not have been influenced our our posts or advertisements via commissions from successful sales, we will do our best to provide factual, honest, personal information, ideas, tips that we (I) think are relevant and maybe even funny as well as tips and techniques that can be taken to be of direct benefit to you the web visitor, therefore you my friend, can in fair exchange for information, tips, techniques or how-to’s found on this blog understand and accept that this is part of what I do to support my family and if you object the thoughts, opinions, videos, pictures, or experiences displayed and discussed on those topics or products then please find an alternative source for free information about whatever you were searching for. As always the views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own but sometimes maybe influenced by news, research, voices in my ear and other unknown and untrusted sources and should not be construed to be an edorsement of any product, service, information or any other thing you may or may not purchase after visiting my blog. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product, information or service should be verified by you with the manufacturer, provider, distributor, purveyor, retailer, sales outlet or party in question; caveat emptor as in all things applies here as in all pages on the web. There is no free lunch! All information, products, services provided by external links found on this blog come with an iron clad, no questions asked, ninety day, one hundred percent money back guarantee and in most cases even if you claim the full refund available to you for any reason you get to keep the information. So there! I hope you are now clear and have been well educated as to the nature of this blog, the potential for some small benefit coming my way after a very large benefit comes your way (if you chose to actually buy something after clicking on a link in one of my personal posts) because lets face it that is what makes the world go round. In fact isn’t that how nature works in the real world, everything working together and everything growing together, so have fun, enjoy the free content, tips, techniques, reviews, pictures, videos and any other thing I may decide to blog about and if you like it tell 4,560 friends if you don’t then there are a billion or so other blogs out there to choose from so happy surfing. And remember this blog may or may not contain content which might or might not present a conflict of interest depending on how certain ambiguous rulings, statutes and regulations governing what you and I as free internet citizens can or can not see, talk about, read, share, disseminate are interpreted; this content may not always be identified either. And after the Feds get through messing with our God given right to communicate any way we like who knows what will be left, sneaker net? Anyway, Thank you very much for reading to the end now enjoy the free content and if you click any links remember I may get some compensation if you think enough of whatever you found when you clicked the link to actually buy it. Sounds fair to me. And I can’t believe you actually read all that! I sure had a blast writing it. Who says fine print can’t be fun?

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