The Russian Pyramids Revealed: A Builders Manual eBook is Now Available

The Russian Pyramids Revealed: A Builders Manual eBook is Now Available!












Over 100 Pages!

Jam packed with pyramid info, tips, and actual plans for building your own Russian Pyramids at home.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • the angles!
  • how to decide on materials
  • how to align your pyramid for maximum effect
  • what not to make it out of
  • how to preserve food
  • remove EMF radiation
  • neutralize geopathic radiation
  • improve your mood
  • reduce your need for sleep
  • and that’s just the tip of the pyramid

So go check out the intro page: Pyramid Manual

Download it. Read it. Comment. Its Guaranteed.





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4 Responses to The Russian Pyramids Revealed: A Builders Manual eBook is Now Available

  1. roshan k naidu says:

    just i saw ur pyramid i want experience it . i already have 52drgree with 10 feet

    • admin says:

      Download the book. Build your own pyramid and let us know how your experience goes. The more Russian Pyramids out there the better they all work. Also send us pictures of your 10ft pyramid!

  2. Adam says:

    I think I have some of these things figured out. I am wondering if dowsing the yard to find an optimum location for the pyramid is practical? Is this in the book? We are designing a perennial food forest and I’d like to add a large useable pyramid structure to charge water and seeds and perhaps meditate and experiment in etc. I am a carpenter so calculating and building are my forte. I too live BC in Sooke. Very cool you’ve found these things too and are trying them out yourself. I’d appreciate any info, thanks!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Adam,

      Good going on the food forest! A pyramid greenhouse, bathhouse, meditation space will totally up the energy level on your farm. If you are a carpenter then grab the book and you are off to the races. Otherwise if you are looking for best location then dowsing is a good way to go, however if you are trying to remedy geopathics or EM radiation then the closer to the source of pollution the better. Once your pyramid is up it will take 12 days to “charge” building up power as it goes to don’t loose hope if nothing seems to be happening in the first few days!

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