Build Your Own Russian Pyramid

D.I.Y Russian Pyramid?

I was so impressed with the results that Dr. Golod and his team claimed to have achieved with the 144ft, 72ft and 36ft pyramids that I built my own! So, its not 36ft tall, but it is in the same mathematical series at Dr. Golod’s at 2.25 ft tall.

As per the information I built it to a an exact angle of 72 degrees, didn’t use any metal fasteners, made sure my model pyramid was hollow and oriented it to true north. Result… inconclusive. I did feel a tingling and what seemed to be pressure once I had brought my scale model Russian pyramid into the house. However a glass of water left under it for a few hours showed no special powers that I could see.

Anyway here are the pictures of my somewhat amateur construction methods. I see this pyramid as a scale model or like an architectural model. It is designed to show off the form and scale of the Russian pyramids that have been reported to have such a beneficial effect on their environment.

Russian Pyramid Base

Here is the base of my 2.25ft high D.I.Y. Russian pyramid. I ripped a 2×2 to exactly 72 degrees and then cut 45’s on the corners to meet up nicely.

russian pyramid construction






Next I cut the legs to the exact length I needed to make the overall height 2.25ft (this is in a direct ratio to Golod’s 144ft tall pyramid).

Russian pyramid angles








After cutting the legs I spent an hour trying to figure out the angles to make them meet at the point. But, to my grade 11 math teacher’s regret I just ended up marking and recutting them till they all met up nicely. The eventual angle was a compound of 16 degrees I think.

d.i.y russian pyramid








The basic shape is now coming together. No vortex of healing energy yet but maybe its not quite aligned to true north!

russian pyramid in the snow








After I hot glued it together (no metal remember!) I took it outside to see if it would melt snow. It didn’t but then I only had it outside for a minute or two, but hey it was cold!

russian pyramid cover








Then I covered it with exotic jungle hardwood to increase the resonance. Ok, it was a piece of veneer from Home Depot, but it looks better and all the forums say it needs to have sides to work properly. Still no snow melting though.

indoor Russian pyramid








Then I took it indoors to see what my wife would think of the awesome healing powers (I currently have a cold and hoped it would cure me). Still no vortex that I can see but maybe too much wifi, metal roofing etc. Golod did say they work best outdoors in pristine nature.

However when I brought my D.I.Y. Russian pyramid in the house I seemed to notice a tingling and buzzing sense and I was definitely happy and laughing which was a change for the better for me! Maybe it is working…. only time will tell.

Next time I will build a 4.5ft plywood version with no internal frame. Quick and simple is best when testing. Also I have heard that limestone paint will increase the frequency gathering capacity too.

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