Build Your Own Russian Pyramid Scale Model

Build Your Own Russian Pyramid Scale Model

You have most likely read about the Russian Pyramid research going on near Moscow and in the Ukraine. Maybe you have watched some Russian Pyramid videos and wondered if there is any truth to the claims made by these dedicated Russian pyramid researchers. Well I did too. And because I am a bit of a “mad scientist” myself I went out and built another pyramid.

russian pyramid power

Sorry for the low rez “spy camera” images. It was late and my iPhone doesn’t work so well in low light conditions. Anyway this was the pyramid after surface prep drying in the carport with a light bulb underneath it.

russian pyramid outside


Here we see the finished plywood pyramid “hovering” in my front yard. Interestingly after more than two weeks when I moved it to mow the lawn the grass under the model Russian pyramid was longer and greener than the rest of the lawn. Hmmm I will have to do more testing in that regard.

Anyway my friend Kacper is building a big one down in Ecuador and when he is finished we will be presenting an full hour long webinar on how we built the model pyramids, what kind of results we have seen after they were installed, and most importantly how you can access simple step-by-step instructions to build your own Russian pyramid.

Why would you want to build one you might ask?

Well for one thing water left under the pyramid becomes “charged” in some unknown way and has been shown in Russian scientific papers to be a powerful healing agent. I haven’t tried this but will soon and will report the results here.

Also because we are also building geodesic greenhouse domes we will be treating water for use in starting seeds and watering high quality plants like my father’s lemon and orange trees.

What I can report is that as soon as I installed my 4.5ft pyramid in the front yard and aligned it to true north I felt a subtle and amazing peace steal over me. Since then the relationship between my wife Amy and I has been calmer, the whole energy around our home has been more relaxed and though I can’t say for sure it is the pyramid. It seems a bit of a strange coincidence that I noticed these things at the exact same time as I installed my small version of the famous pyramid built by Dr. Golod outside Moscow.

So sign up for the email notification when it pops up and I will let you know the second we launch the DIY Russian Pyramid Webinar. Also if you have built one already please let us know how it has worked for you and what you have noticed energetically.

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  1. Michael O'Nealoneall says:

    David Wilcock in his SOURCE FIELD INVESTICATIONS book seems the most most impressed by results demonstrated by the Russian pyramid installations.

    • admin says:

      Right you are! The SFI book is what originally inspired me to revisit pyramid power in general and Russian Pyramids specifically!

  2. id74 says:

    I built a pyramid of cardboard based on Giza pyramid angles, 1,5 foot . After 24 hrs under the pyramid glass of tap water felt less sharp and more oily. And it tasted better.

    Also built one from bamboo, 3,5 feet tall, hollow sides. It is sitting in the garden, no effects yet. I’ll build another bigger and more precise one when i get more bamboo.

    From which material is Kacper building his pyramid in Ecuador? Did you notice any other possible effects from your pyramid since your post above?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for the questions. The Russian Pyramids we are building are steeper than the Giza pyramid and seem to be able to concentrate energy more effectively. Both Kacper and I have built scale replica’s of the Russian Pyramids built by Dr. Golod in Russia out of plywood (a non metallic laminate of natural origin) held together with (naturally sourced glue and wooden dowels)

      I certainly noticed my energy being much calmer as soon as I had built my pyramid. Also many miracles seemed to start happening though there may be no connection to my DIY Russian Pyramid.

      Next I will be building one of PVC pipe that is large enough to sit inside! I post about my experiences as soon as it has been built.

      Send me a photo of your pyramid and I will post it here.



      • RANDY STYER says:

        Sasha – After reading David Wilcox’s book “Source Field Investigation” I was motivated to build a small scale model big enough to sit in. I was thinking about something 6′ square at the base. Can you share with me how to calculate the total length of the 4 corner posts that go from each corner to the top where they meet? I wish to build this out of wood. Does the size of wood matter at base? Does the outer walls have to be covered? Does it matter what is used? I hear no metal is allowed. Is that true?
        Is it all a matter of getting the outside dimensions and height perfect for the pyramid to generate the effects the Russians were able to produce? Do you have any specs on the Russian made pyramids? Still looking for details. Can you help me out with your knowledge? I will send you a picture when I’m done. Thanks and good luck with your projects.

        • admin says:

          Hi Randy,

          My understanding is that covered or not the pyramid effect is still created. Thanks for the construction questions, I suggest you download the manual and try building some small pyramids then go for your big one. Dr. Golod says no metal but others like Dr. Flannagan use all metal so more experimentation is required I guess. Let us know how it goes!

        • Dina says:

          The ratio for measurements for the 72 degree pyramid is
          Height/2.14 = width ….soooo
          9 feet tall / 2.14 = 4.2 feet in width at the bottom
          8 feet tall / 2.14 = 3.73 feet in length at the bottom

          You would need to buy 4 – 9feet PVC lenghts and 4 – 4.2″ PVC lenghts plus 4 connectors and a specialty 4 connector for the top….

        • Dina says:

          If you are making a Russian 72 degree pyramid then I believe you use 2.14 as your divider. Height/2.14 = base… for a 6 feet on each side base – you will end up with a 12.88 feet tall pyramid… I found that when I used 3.73 on each of the 4 sides of the base was plenty big enough to sit in and meditate but only 8 feet tall so could be in a home as well as outside……

          • Dian says:

            Why aren’t you using phi (1.618) as the divider? I thought that was an essential measurement…

      • lisette says:

        Hello there,
        I would like to build a pvc pipe model myself. Glad to learn from your experiences so far!

        warm greetings, Lisette

        • admin says:

          Hi Lisette,

          I am working on a cutting template to make plexiglass corners for PVC or polycarbonate pipe pyramids. Check back in a bit but why not grab the book and try a wooden one in the meantime?

      • khaya says:

        the posts are from 2012 we are in 2015 now, so any new stories and pics about the russian/nubian pyramids?
        i know that Dr Flanagan n the late Nick Edwards are selling theirs now, but not big enough as my project necessit a much bigger size!so would be happy to hear some feedback from you or others with theirs experiences.tks

        • admin says:

          Hi Khaya,

          With a four year old plus twins plus self employed plus building our house, plus being a 24hr on call fire fighter leaves less time for updating my blogs and experimenting with pyramids than I would like! That being said I did a quick Russian pyramid research update tonight. Thanks for the poke! Here is the link:

  3. Rick A. Ahrens says:

    I am living in Ecuador and would like to know where the piramid here is being built. If you could provide me with an address and/or local phone number here in Ecuador I would really appreciate it.. Thanks a lot!

  4. Mike says:

    Looking at the picture of you green colored pyramid sitting the backyard i am wondering how tall is it? Can you sit inside it? what holds it together..Nails?..screws ?
    Did you paint it ?………Waiting for you reply.
    Michael M

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      It is wooden, painted, just over 4ft tall and held together with glue and wooden pegs. One sits beside it for maximum results.

  5. ingela & sky says:

    would like to know all info u have collected if ur willing, just in the beginning of planning to build a fairly large pyramid, anything u could contribute would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so very kindly for putting this info “out there”

    • admin says:

      Hey thanks for reaching out! Grab the book and once your pyramid is build make sure it is aligned properly and then send pictures!

  6. Fiona Kent says:

    Hi there,
    I’m very interested in building my own version of the Russian pyramid with either bamboo or cardboard.

    Do you know if you will post any instructions on how to build one, or perhaps link me to a website which illustrates in full in how to go about constructing a pyramid?


  7. Dorothy Healey says:

    Please let me know if you’ve made the video?

    • admin says:

      Some! But none ready for the mainstream yet. Keep checking back though as I will be filming my next project, a 12ft yellow cedar Russian Pyramid for sitting under.

  8. Ellen says:

    I would be interested in a pyramid to sit under!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ellen,

      You can buy a Nubian (Russian) Pyramid from Patrick Flannagan or download my book and build your own. I recommend the latter because it will cost less and you will have a much better understanding of how pyramids work and the amazing things that can be done with them. Good luck!

  9. Jan Skyhawk Retreat says:

    Good to hear more are being built to help stabilize Mother Earth and Humanity. My grandson and I have been building them for awhile….The Merkaba with a varying electro-magnetic field on the side for a type of intergalactic communication, etc. The copper pyramid for Archaic Records on the other side and the Temple of One/Kabbalah Pyramid for healing in back. ALL with excellent results!

    • admin says:

      Fantastic! Please do share some of the results you are getting and what shape pyramids you find most effective.

  10. The Unknown says:

    I built one and put it beside my cell phone. I still could make calls. if I put pyramid near police headquarters would it jam their EMF?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sparky. As I understand it the Russian Pyramids are attenuating the signal in some way to make it less damaging to living things rather than blocking it entirely. Please do put a large properly aligned pyramid near police headquarters. It would improve things that’s for sure!

  11. Kyle says:

    I have built several over the years starting back in the late 70’s.

    • admin says:

      Hey Kyle,

      Great stuff! Can you send me some pyramid pictures so I can share with the rest of the group?

      • Dina says:

        Does anyone make/sell the top pyramid connector ?? I have been trying to find connectors that work for the 4 poles at the top with great difficulty and I am not well versed in machine shop type things….anyone have something they can sell??? Cheers Dina

        • admin says:

          I saw some copper pyramid connectors on etsy a while back.

          • Dina says:

            Thanks for responding. Most considerate of you. My challenge is I am trying to build one without METAL which is how the Russian ones are build….I have been following David Wilcock on Gaia.. Need non-metal ones….any thoughts would be very appreciated..

          • admin says:

            What about temporarily holding your tubes in place and then making a form of some kind and casting resin or better yet orgonite right around the tip of your Russian pyramid?

  12. Marsha E says:

    I was wondering if a pyramid could be put on top of a cube for a green house that you can stand in. I would like to wrap it inside and out for a double layer of protection since I live in Connecticut. Any thoughts. I would also like to add geothermal heat with the compressors located in a cube next to it since there would be metal on it. ( a dream of mine)
    Do you have any thoughts on this. Also is here any simple way to measure photons ?


    • admin says:

      Hi Marsha,
      I have a 25ft geodesic greenhouse and I would love to put a 60ft Russian Pyramid over it to see how the crops increased and to make a double walled greenhouse. Here is a bit of info from an old Mother Earth News article that may help: One surprising bit of information surfaced when Bill performed an experiment in the pyramid greenhouse . . . an experiment in which six different kinds of seeds (sunflower, garbanzo, lima bean, corn, pea, and squash) were grown in trays at 12 heights from floor to apex. Plant performance ranged from good at the very lowest level of the pyramid to poor at a height of 3 feet and very poor at 5 feet and 6 feet above ground. Then — unexpectedly — performance went from poor at the 7 foot level to good at 8 foot and 9 foot and excellent at 10 foot, 11 foot, and 12 foot.

      So keep an eye out for the different levels and how that impacts plant growth.

      Here is another bit of information that will impact your situation (as long as your pyramid is properly aligned!)

      Studies also show, and this should be of great interest to organic gardeners, that this geometric shape also inhibits the unwanted growth of yeasts, molds, mildew and harmful bacteria and consequently there is no need to control these conditions (BUT YOU ALSO CAN’T COMPOST INSIDE A PYRAMID). This occurs to such an extent that mold does not grow on the interior of the structure. Incredibly, the decay of organic matter is so greatly inhibited that food can be stored almost indefinitely.

      Super insulate it and you may not need to heat much at all as the pyramid seems to generate a certain amount of internal heat by itself.

      Let us know how it goes and send pictures!

  13. Frank borga says:

    I am into building pyramids myself and have been working with Giza style. Lots of trial and tribulation that goes into the territory. I also work with frequency generation along with crystal frequency for healing. I am interested in your read for any new information that can be applied in research for the enhancement to humankind. Thanks for your work. Love and Light


    • admin says:

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the feedback and catching the typo! Please send pics of you pyramid building work so I may share with the rest of the group.

  14. allen says:

    After watching wisdom teachings I have begun to try to build pyramids for our home. I also plan on constructing a larger one in the attic to go over our bed and a second larger one in our back yard. I noticed there is also a private group on here. How do I join that and or can you provide me with the additional info?

    • admin says:

      Hi Allen,
      Sorry the book didn’t answer ALL your questions. As for the members area I have sent login information again. Let me know if you have any other issues or questions regarding Russian pyramid research. Please send pictures as you progress!

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