Build Your Own Russian Pyramid Scale Model

Build Your Own Russian Pyramid Scale Model

You have most likely read about the Russian Pyramid research going on near Moscow and in the Ukraine. Maybe you have watched some Russian Pyramid videos and wondered if there is any truth to the claims made by these dedicated Russian pyramid researchers. Well I did too. And because I am a bit of a “mad scientist” myself I went out and built another pyramid.

russian pyramid power

Sorry for the low rez “spy camera” images. It was late and my iPhone doesn’t work so well in low light conditions. Anyway this was the pyramid after surface prep drying in the carport with a light bulb underneath it.

russian pyramid outside


Here we see the finished plywood pyramid “hovering” in my front yard. Interestingly after more than two weeks when I moved it to mow the lawn the grass under the model Russian pyramid was longer and greener than the rest of the lawn. Hmmm I will have to do more testing in that regard.

Anyway my friend Kacper is building a big one down in Ecuador and when he is finished we will be presenting an full hour long webinar on how we built the model pyramids, what kind of results we have seen after they were installed, and most importantly how you can access simple step-by-step instructions to build your own Russian pyramid.

Why would you want to build one you might ask?

Well for one thing water left under the pyramid becomes “charged” in some unknown way and has been shown in Russian scientific papers to be a powerful healing agent. I haven’t tried this but will soon and will report the results here.

Also because we are also building geodesic greenhouse domes we will be treating water for use in starting seeds and watering high quality plants like my father’s lemon and orange trees.

What I can report is that as soon as I installed my 4.5ft pyramid in the front yard and aligned it to true north I felt a subtle and amazing peace steal over me. Since then the relationship between my wife Amy and I has been calmer, the whole energy around our home has been more relaxed and though I can’t say for sure it is the pyramid. It seems a bit of a strange coincidence that I noticed these things at the exact same time as I installed my small version of the famous pyramid built by Dr. Golod outside Moscow.

So sign up for the email notification when it pops up and I will let you know the second we launch the DIY Russian Pyramid Webinar. Also if you have built one already please let us know how it has worked for you and what you have noticed energetically.

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