Biodome Greenhouse Revolution

Biodome Greenhouse Revolution

With global population heading ever higher it makes sense to take food security seriously.

There is serious talk of food collapse as a real possibility at any time. So what can you and I do right now to protect ourselves and our families and improve our health at the same time?

Two things: Education and Action

First the education. Read up on the way things are going, look at population trends, global conflicts and climate change then draw your own conclusions. If you are paying attention you should be concerned if not flat out worried.

Peak Food?

As you read this the world has entered the era of “peak food”. What does that mean? Simply this: production of the main staples of most human diets, from corn and rice to wheat and chicken have peaked and are now slowing in growth. With potentially dire consequences for feeding the world and even for those of us in the rich parts of our fragile planet.

New research finds that, production staples, such as eggs, meat, corn, wheat and many vegetables including soybeans and rice are loosing momentum, while the global population continues to increase at a terrifying rate.

What can you do? Simple. Prepare yourself for much more expensive and limited food supply. Don’t like the idea of dropping 60% of your income on food? Better take action today. Maybe build a model geodome greenhouse, then once you have some comfort with the techniques involved put together a small food production unit.

With a very small investment in time and materials you will reap enormous benefits from having your own organic “food factory” in your back yard!

Imagine fresh lush salad greens in the dead of winter, whether the trucks from California are running or not! Grow tomatoes, squash, fish, rabbits, chickens, even mushrooms. Whatever you don’t eat yourself you can sell or trade to your neighbors.This is a key step that many preppers miss. In order to keep your family safe you need to keep your community strong and there is nothing like fresh fruit, vegetables and produce to keep you in peoples good books and to trade for things you need!

Food Facts

Here is the bottom line. In most urban areas if food stops coming in by truck there will be NO FOOD in the super market in less than a week, because of “just in time” delivery our food stores typically only have 3 days supply on hand at any one time.

Just think of stores after major disasters like major earthquake or hurricane. That’s right. No food! No water, Maybe even looting. So to be able to produce your own healthy, nutritious food at less cost than you could buy it, is not only a good idea it could possibly save your family if a food collapse does occur.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not here to spread doom and gloom. However it would be sad if you had the opportunity to prepare right now but missed it due to inattention, apathy or some other reason that will seem pretty lame if food costs go up 500%.

Time For Doing!

So, take action NOW! Grab plans for building your own biodome greenhouse and get growing! The worst that might happen is you have better food or a great place to hang out in winter and the best case your geodesic dome greenhouse may just save your life.

Please, don’t put this off. I know you are busy. We are all busy but remember, without adequate nutritious, healthy food you won’t be any good to your family, your work or your community. On the other hand with your own biodynamic greenhouse growing food year round you become an oasis of health in your community and can lead the way back from an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Not to mention having the coolest garden hothouse in town!









Yes You Can!

Build your own dome greenhouse and cut your food bills by thousands per year. Read about it here:

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