Russian Pyramid Update

Russian Pyramid Update

Its been a while since the last update, having a 4yr old plus twins has pretty much taken me out of pyramid research for the moment. That being said I had to continue field testing my original plywood Russian pyramid seen in earlier posts. When we moved I installed the 4ft pyramid on a rocky area behind the house and here are some of the effects I have been noticing:

Trees sprouting out of solid rock near the pyramid

russian pyramid tree from rock

Laundry seems to dry quicker (seems like a wimpy use for pyramid power but I need dry laundry!)

russian pyramid dries clothes

Everyone sleeps longer and with less night waking

Colds, coughs etc, appear to not be as intense and heal quicker

trees sprouting near russian pyramid The ground may not look very rocky but I went at it with a very large excavator to create gravel for my building projects and trust me it is solid down there! I noticed these little madrone trees started literally popping out of solid rock soon after I moved the pyramid to this location.

Even though I am super busy with starting a family, being self employed, building a larger house, being a volunteer fire fighter and other “minor details” I am super excited to do more and larger Russian pyramids!

The two I have in mind currently are a foam (expanded polystyrene pyramid) over a dry sensory deprivation chamber. Think old style waterbed heated to body temperature in total darkness, can you say relax and empower? Ventilation of this kind of meditation pyramid will be interesting because it needs to be absolutely dark and silent at the same time. I am actually thinking of hinging the entire pyramid at the base so one can tip the whole pyramid up, climb underneath and then let it down for full immersion in blessed silence and darkness.

The other one I am planning will be a compound miter wood frame pyramid out of coastal yellow cedar. This wood is fantastic, easy to work, aromatic, and last for ever out doors with no surface treatment. This pyramid would go in the garden for plant growth and artistic value.

Of course all pyramids will be properly aligned to true north as well as being built as level and square as I possibly can. The research shows the sharper the angles, the tighter the joints the better the results.

More experiments to come as time permits!

The Russian Pyramids Revealed: A Builders Manual eBook is Now Available

The Russian Pyramids Revealed: A Builders Manual eBook is Now Available!












Over 100 Pages!

Jam packed with pyramid info, tips, and actual plans for building your own Russian Pyramids at home.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • the angles!
  • how to decide on materials
  • how to align your pyramid for maximum effect
  • what not to make it out of
  • how to preserve food
  • remove EMF radiation
  • neutralize geopathic radiation
  • improve your mood
  • reduce your need for sleep
  • and that’s just the tip of the pyramid

So go check out the intro page: Pyramid Manual

Download it. Read it. Comment. Its Guaranteed.





Build Your Own Russian Pyramid Scale Model

Build Your Own Russian Pyramid Scale Model

You have most likely read about the Russian Pyramid research going on near Moscow and in the Ukraine. Maybe you have watched some Russian Pyramid videos and wondered if there is any truth to the claims made by these dedicated Russian pyramid researchers. Well I did too. And because I am a bit of a “mad scientist” myself I went out and built another pyramid.

russian pyramid power

Sorry for the low rez “spy camera” images. It was late and my iPhone doesn’t work so well in low light conditions. Anyway this was the pyramid after surface prep drying in the carport with a light bulb underneath it.

russian pyramid outside


Here we see the finished plywood pyramid “hovering” in my front yard. Interestingly after more than two weeks when I moved it to mow the lawn the grass under the model Russian pyramid was longer and greener than the rest of the lawn. Hmmm I will have to do more testing in that regard.

Anyway my friend Kacper is building a big one down in Ecuador and when he is finished we will be presenting an full hour long webinar on how we built the model pyramids, what kind of results we have seen after they were installed, and most importantly how you can access simple step-by-step instructions to build your own Russian pyramid.

Why would you want to build one you might ask?

Well for one thing water left under the pyramid becomes “charged” in some unknown way and has been shown in Russian scientific papers to be a powerful healing agent. I haven’t tried this but will soon and will report the results here.

Also because we are also building geodesic greenhouse domes we will be treating water for use in starting seeds and watering high quality plants like my father’s lemon and orange trees.

What I can report is that as soon as I installed my 4.5ft pyramid in the front yard and aligned it to true north I felt a subtle and amazing peace steal over me. Since then the relationship between my wife Amy and I has been calmer, the whole energy around our home has been more relaxed and though I can’t say for sure it is the pyramid. It seems a bit of a strange coincidence that I noticed these things at the exact same time as I installed my small version of the famous pyramid built by Dr. Golod outside Moscow.

So sign up for the email notification when it pops up and I will let you know the second we launch the DIY Russian Pyramid Webinar. Also if you have built one already please let us know how it has worked for you and what you have noticed energetically.

Build Your Own Russian Pyramid

D.I.Y Russian Pyramid?

I was so impressed with the results that Dr. Golod and his team claimed to have achieved with the 144ft, 72ft and 36ft pyramids that I built my own! So, its not 36ft tall, but it is in the same mathematical series at Dr. Golod’s at 2.25 ft tall.

As per the information I built it to a an exact angle of 72 degrees, didn’t use any metal fasteners, made sure my model pyramid was hollow and oriented it to true north. Result… inconclusive. I did feel a tingling and what seemed to be pressure once I had brought my scale model Russian pyramid into the house. However a glass of water left under it for a few hours showed no special powers that I could see.

Anyway here are the pictures of my somewhat amateur construction methods. I see this pyramid as a scale model or like an architectural model. It is designed to show off the form and scale of the Russian pyramids that have been reported to have such a beneficial effect on their environment.

Russian Pyramid Base

Here is the base of my 2.25ft high D.I.Y. Russian pyramid. I ripped a 2×2 to exactly 72 degrees and then cut 45’s on the corners to meet up nicely.

russian pyramid construction






Next I cut the legs to the exact length I needed to make the overall height 2.25ft (this is in a direct ratio to Golod’s 144ft tall pyramid).

Russian pyramid angles








After cutting the legs I spent an hour trying to figure out the angles to make them meet at the point. But, to my grade 11 math teacher’s regret I just ended up marking and recutting them till they all met up nicely. The eventual angle was a compound of 16 degrees I think.

d.i.y russian pyramid








The basic shape is now coming together. No vortex of healing energy yet but maybe its not quite aligned to true north!

russian pyramid in the snow








After I hot glued it together (no metal remember!) I took it outside to see if it would melt snow. It didn’t but then I only had it outside for a minute or two, but hey it was cold!

russian pyramid cover








Then I covered it with exotic jungle hardwood to increase the resonance. Ok, it was a piece of veneer from Home Depot, but it looks better and all the forums say it needs to have sides to work properly. Still no snow melting though.

indoor Russian pyramid








Then I took it indoors to see what my wife would think of the awesome healing powers (I currently have a cold and hoped it would cure me). Still no vortex that I can see but maybe too much wifi, metal roofing etc. Golod did say they work best outdoors in pristine nature.

However when I brought my D.I.Y. Russian pyramid in the house I seemed to notice a tingling and buzzing sense and I was definitely happy and laughing which was a change for the better for me! Maybe it is working…. only time will tell.

Next time I will build a 4.5ft plywood version with no internal frame. Quick and simple is best when testing. Also I have heard that limestone paint will increase the frequency gathering capacity too.

Russian Pyramids: Hoax? Mystery? Gift To Humankind?

Russian Pyramids Improve Weather

Hopefully that got your attention! Now check out this information about Russian Pyramids I came across the other day. Yes, I will be building one. From the literature available online and off, this shape may be even more effective than the great pyramid of Giza.

144ft High Russian Pyramid

Follow my progress here or watch the webinar coming soon.