Russian Pyramid Power

Amazing Russian Pyramid Research

Dr. Alexander Golod

Dr. Alexander Golod, PhD. has been doing Russian pyramid research in the former Soviet Union since 1990. This research involved the construction of over twenty large pyramids in 8 different locations in Russia and the Ukraine. The pyramids were built in many places including Moscow, Astrakhan, Sochi, Zoporozhye, Voronezh, Belgorod, the Tver Region, Krasnodar, Tolyatti, Uzbekistan, and France.

144ft High Fiberglass Russian Pyramid

All the Russian pyramids are made of fiberglass with the largest is standing an incredible 144 feet high (44 meters) tall, and weighing in at over 55 tons. Built at cost over 1 million dollars this Russian pyramid is a modern wonder.

Many different experiments are being done using these pyramids. They include studies in medicine, ecology, agriculture, physics, and health sciences. What is significant about this work is that it is being carried out by top scientists in Russia and Ukraine and not fringe elements or unknown inventors.

Some of the amazing pyramid power research being done is showing great promise for all mankind.

Brief Summary of Pyramid Research Results

  1. Immune system of organisms improved  (blood leukocyte composition increased).
  2. improved regeneration of tissue
  3. seeds stored in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield
  4. soon after construction of the Lake Seliger pyramid a marked improvement of the ozone was noted above the area
  5. seismic activity near the pyramid research areas are reduced in severity and size
  6. violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids
  7. pyramids constructed in Southern Russia (Bashkiria) appeared to have a positive effect on oil production with oil becoming less viscous by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased according to tests carried out by the Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
  8. a study was done on 5000 prisoners who ingested salt and pepper that had been exposed to the pyramid energy field. The test subjects exhibited a greatly reduced violence rate and overall behavior was much improved.
  9. standard tissue culture tests showed an increase in survival of cellular tissue after infection by viruses and bacteria
  10. radioactive substances show a decreased level of radiation inside the pyramid
  11. there are reports of spontaneous charging of capacitors
  12. physicists observed significant changes in superconductivity temperature thresholds and in the properties of semi-conducting and carbon nano materials.
  13. water inside the pyramid will remain liquid to minus 40 degrees Celsius but freeze instantly if jostled or bumped in any way

It is interesting to note that results seem to show that increasing the height of the pyramid improves the quality of the results.

So, as you can see from this brief introduction, there is much we have to learn about the natural forces around us. The Egyptians knew some of this when they designed the great pyramids at Giza. However, with modern scientific research techniques it is now becoming possible to gain even more insight and benefit from “Russian Pyramid Power!”

Russian Pyramid Complex

I will, along with others, be conducting personal experiments using scaled down models of these amazing pyramids. Keep coming back here, keep researching and build your own pyramid to gain these benefits for yourself and your family too.

 It’s Alive! A Tiny  Russian Pyramid Model

Its done! My first tiny Russian Pyramid. Built as a scale model of the pyramids that Dr. Golod’s it is a whopping 2.5ft high! Not exactly the powerhouse 144ft tall million dollar plus model that was built in Russia but it does seem to work!

The base under construction








Here we have the base of the scale model Russian pyramid which I built out of 2×2’s ripped down on the table saw.

model russian pyramid construction

The model pyramid dry fitting










After ripping all the parts according to the specifications (72 degree top angle, 55degree bottom angle) I “dry fit” the parts to see how my angles worked out. Some were OK, some not so much but it all worked out in the end!

russian pyramid frame

The completed russian pyramid frame










Once I had hot glued the frame together (remember no metal is to be used!) I took it out into the snow to see if it would melt it or something. It didn’t but looked cool!

finished mini russian pyramid

The finished mini russian pyramid










Once I had the sides on (Russian pyramids focus energy out rather than in and the sides help) I aligned it to true north and waited for the world to change. Other than a vague tingling in my body and a sense of peace coming over me nothing happened. I put a cup of water under it for the night and drank it in the morning. My cold seemed to go away faster than normal but I need to do more testing on larger pyramids.

Stay tuned!

OSB Russian Pyramid

Russian Pyramid made of OSB (oriented strand board)











For the next project…

167 Responses to Russian Pyramid Power

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  2. Joe says:





    • admin says:

      Hi Joe,

      Try various angles and lengths and come up with empirical tests to see what works best.

      Let us know how it goes and keep your eye out for my upcoming Russian Pyramid book.

      • Alik says:

        The Nubian ratio is 1.618 , so if your base leg is 10 cm the 10 multiply by 1.618 so you get 16.18 cm vertical leg , that is all according phi 1.618 . At can work to any size of pyramid . And work great and strong

        • Katie says:

          That ratio certainly produces a shape which looks like the Russian pyramids and the original Nubian structures.
          I have also read that a geometry of Nubian pyramids can be derived from nested spheres on top of each other where the ratio of the volumes is phi.
          This produces a formulae where the ratio of the height to the base is 2.14, a much more acute apex angle.

          • Warren York says:

            Years ago when I investigated the Russian claims I found a very important factor. Shape is important. Ever hear the claim the pyramid would sharpen razor blades? Yes a reverse Time device. I can show you how and why. This technology was back engineered. Warren

          • Warren York says:

            I’m looking into the slope which is also the resonance frequency of 51.5 Hz and any harmonics of it.

    • David Kwan says:

      Hi Joe,

      I have been wondering about the same things as well for awhile. Recently I found the following information on this website and from the information I was able to calculate the exact ratios and angles.

      “A ratio of side a of a foundation to height h is equal to a / h = 0.5. The author of the project, Dr. Alexander Golod, believed that the major reason that creates a mysterious field inside of the pyramid was stipulated its shape, but the orientation. His pyramid is a tangent pyramid that covers inscribed balls whose volumes increase from the foundation to the top in accord with the golden section.”

      I calculated from the above information the exact ratios of Height/Base can be calculated from SQUARE_ROOT(Phi)*Phi = 2.0582, ratios of Slant Height / Base is SQUARE_ROOT(2*Phi + 1.5) = 2.176.
      According Russ Michael/Patrick Flanagan pyramids made of metal and non-metal should be aligned to magnetic north and true north respectively.

      I have built a 2.65m high pyramid made of iron tubes using the above ratios aligned to magnetic north. The feeling of energy on and within my body when I am sitting within the pyramid is quite strong.

      Hope this helps.

      • admin says:

        Hi David,

        Awesome!! Thank you for generously sharing your math with the rest of us! I will definitely include this in the russian pyramid book I am working on. Have you built one yourself yet?

      • Alik says:

        What exactly your phi is ? You put two different number .

        • admin says:

          Hi Alik,

          Please let me know where the two numbers are to be found. (Page number, URL etc.) so I can address this. Phi is not changable so one of the numbers you mention is a mistake and needs to be addressed.

    • colt says:

      i would suggest using the keshe foundation teachings in this, using nano coated wire that creates the magnetic gravitational force fields which operate off the flower of life blue print in the ether around all creation.

      how to:

      1. get copper wire
      2. hollow copper tube
      2.5. solid copper rode
      3. plastic bowl or any plastic container or metal container is fine.
      4. caustic soda, (pure lye)
      5. gloves
      6. metal gride (like the kind used for cooking)
      7. water sealant spray

      1. pour a good amount of the caustic soda inside the plastic container, just enough to cover the bottom of container.

      2. place metal grid(grill rack or something similar) on top of the caustic soda in container.

      3. place copper wire and copper tubing inside plastic container (may need to have copper tubing cut into sections so it will fit)

      4. pour boiling water inside container with caustic soda (wear breathing mask also for this)

      5. place lid on top of plastic container (loosely / do not seal the top, just place the lid on top at a slight angle to let pressure that accumulates escape but you want to keep as much vapor in as possible but do NOT seal it completely,
      this will coat the wire and tubing with a natural nano coating, this will allow for the wire to then manifest magnetic gravitational force fields in nature.

      6. let this sit for at least 24hours.

      7. you can repeat this process as needed to build up nano coated layers.
      (3 layers is ideal)

      8. take nano coated copper wire and wrap it around the copper rode in a “COUNTER CLOCKWISE” rotation,

      9. then take the copper rode that is now wrapped in the nano copper wire and insert them both into the hollow copper tubing.

      10. once you have done with with all your copper tubing place them in the shape of a pyramid.

      11. secure pieces together through the inner wrappings of the copper wire.
      yes, the hollow pieces are all cut in separate pieces but continue to wrapping of the copper wire so that all the pieces are wired together as a whole.

      12. spray on a water sealant spray coating over the entire pyramid so the nano coatings do not was off from the rain or wind.

      13. place wherever you want and see what happens.

      note: in other experiments where this technique was used in a garden, the pyramid which now draws on the information in the ether or akashic record around it, flowers began to grow which were previously known to be extinct for
      thousands of years. this is how you bring the code of life to “whatever” back to life.

      have fun, be safe, and post your results! 🙂

    • Jon says:

      Hi Joe.

      Should be 72° degree’s known as the golden ratio triangle.

      Also do not use any metals in it’s construction so no nails or metal wire.
      Using copper pip will dramatically decrease the pyramid’s beneficial effect.

      The Russian Pyramid was built using PVC pip and fiberglass facing no metal was used.

      I don’t see why people are posting use copper pip. Alexander Golod with his groups of scientists built the pyramid using NO METALS.

      Good luck Joe!

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  4. jerry mardis says:

    This is interesting, will send this information to friends and a scientist who has a website where he talks about his work he with Russian scientists He also has a radio talk show and broadcast all over the world. The site has the broadcast archived, His broadcasts are addictive!
    Thanks for the russian pyramid article Jerry Mardis

  5. Jack Schick says:

    Neato Stuff….
    one of the Steeper-step pyramids of MesoAmerica is said
    to represent the orbital cycles of venus, recorded mathematically
    in stone. You would love to get a used copy of
    The Manual Of Mineralogy (Cornelis Klein)…the edition from around
    1999…it includes a CD with rotatable views of crystal structures,
    molecular matrix, etc. Really valuable for your appreciation
    of electrical–crystal–geometrical–musical relationships! Yay!
    I wish I could have seen BC before Fukushima happened. Peace.

  6. Patriart41 says:

    Absolutely no scientific explantion to prove how this works. Useless article. You are easily influenced by the placebo effect which is the only sensible explanation, which is ok if it works for you.

    • Brad LeShaun says:

      You are probably right! The ancient egyptians and all the other cultures across the globe had nothing else to do (no TV, no Cubs to watch lose) so they decided to spend all their energy and resources building massive permanent structures that serve no purpose.

      • admin says:

        Hi Brad,

        Thanks for the comment. As for “serve no purpose…” do 5 minutes research and you will find that while we don’t understand the purpose the level of attention and engineering are have never been duplicated so they definitely were serving some very interesting purpose because form follows function.

        • Katie says:

          Admin… hmmm, I believe Brad was being ironic/sarcastic towards the dismissal of effects as placebo…

          • admin says:

            Could be. And at the same time I try and treat all comments as having something to contribute.

      • Jeffrey says:

        Well said Brad. The rest of us got it

    • Mynah hong says:

      I agree.
      Why is Egypt a third world country?
      The Mayans built the most pyramids and yet they no longer exist, why?

      • admin says:

        The Pyramids are still working even though the current population has no idea how to use them properly. Think about people flying through space on a spaceship that has been going for generations and everyone has forgotten how to fly it. That’s what is going on with the great pyramids at Giza. The Mayans were too into human sacrifice and then climate change wiped them out.

    • Katie says:

      TRy building a razor sharpening pyramid – google it and you’ll find instructions. I did, I’ve been using the same razor cartridge to shave my legs for 13 months now as against on average ait lasting for only two bouts of shaving before becoming too dull to continue. No placebo there.

  7. Randhir Singh says:

    Very interesting. i too believe in positive energy being radiated in/around the pyramids.
    Would like to hear more. Thank you.

  8. Darryl R Marriner says:

    bring it on!!!!!!

  9. Tannaberton Abacrombie says:

    There are pyramids in my head
    There’s one underneath my bed
    And my lady’s gettin’ cranky
    Every possible location has a simple explanation and it isn’t hanky panky
    I have read somewhere in a book they improve all your food and your wine it’s said everything you grow in your garden will taste pretty fine. instead
    All I ever get is a pain in the neck and a yack yack yack yack
    Allan Parsons Project..Pyramania 1978

  10. robert says:

    Pyramids are power generators.

  11. I published the original Pyramid Power book in January 1973. It was self published and sold 1.5 million copies in hardcover. Even though the Russian pyramids are steeper in angle, they are based on the same golden ratio math as the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the results of experiments are the same. I salute Golod and the other pyramid scientists in Russia and hope to visit them some day soon.

    G Patrick Flanagan, MD., Ph.D.

    • admin says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Please let us know how your visit with Dr. Golod goes!

    • William Vennard says:

      I also read that the Russians were using the math of the Golden Mean (1.6180339) and further( a number which I have been literally obsessed with, as I believe it’ one of our Creator’ s most used ratios on Earth and the entire universe, but I still don’t understand the specifics of how the Russians are using it.f

    • Dave says:

      Hi, Patrick.
      When are we going to get the neurophones?
      Were you forced to stop production?

  12. jgjg says:

    put a blunt razor at various hight inside your pyramid it will sharpen itself.

  13. James E. Schildgen says:

    Found your article most interesting, mainly because of the changed physical/-angle specifics. I’m writing a book on ancient, ancient civilizations, their worldwide existence, and the energy involved in them. Mainly using the Great Pyramid as a guide
    or center point (C. Munck, O-longitude meridian), I’ve found out how and where many pyramids and groups of same are located that have yet to be uncovered. The bunch of them in the Crimea region, all “underground,” the Bahamas monster in the Straits of Florida, the unexplored 12-pyramids in the jungle region in Peru/Brazil, the monster-sized one near Denali, Alaska (Linda M. Howe), and so on. The grid pattern is quite evident. Oh, and the crystal-topped one in the far northern part of Burma/China, etc. They all had similar reasons for their millions and millions of man-hours spent in building them, and for the people to use them accordingly. Free energy is only the tip of the iceberg (“pyramid”) of why certain economic-biased families do not want their info, purpose and benefits to be made available for all.
    Anyway, Kudos for your release of this story how they are changing lives throughout non-communist Russia.
    James S.

    • admin says:


      Great to “meet” A fellow pyramid researcher of a more ancient era. Please keep us posted here as you progress on your book.

      Thanks for the feedback too!

  14. Afshin Nejat says:


    GREAT article, I will be building my own pyramids… Now, what do you think about CONES……. Gabriel’s Horns…. ????? Those must have VERY interesting properties too, especially if their dimensions are in some strong relation to Phi.

    One question. You say “top-angle” is 72 and the bottom is 55, but the “top-angle” isn’t that the angle of the apex on each face as it converges into the tip? That is the smaller angle than the one on the bottom. Shouldn’t it be 55 and the bottom 72? Or could you explain why if not?

    Thanks again for getting this information out!!


    • admin says:

      Hi Afshin,

      My calculations have been refined with feedback from other pyramid experts those have now been implemented in the new pyramid builders manual. Again all platonic solid have orgone capturing powers however the pyramid has definitely been the most widely used form.

    • James Anton says:

      Watch a video decoding the Nazca lines on YouTube you seem to know what you are talking about with everything in your comment so this is something you must see. Plus Nassim Haramein talking about the great pyramid and what he found in ancient texts that make much more sense that the Kings chamber held the power source or capacitor not a mummy. Nassim’s video is a little over an hour.

  15. Waynos says:

    I’ve made one of these too. A 72˚Golden section pyramid (i.e. 1 unit wide x 1.618 units tall) only a meter high made from MDF. Joined with plastic plugs. Have used it to energise water and seeds. I found that it drained my power drill rather quickly if I left it close by.

    The Materials are important I feel. Golod’s choice of fibreglass was a smart one. Fibreglass sheets held in shape with polyester resin makes for instant orgonite. Orgone energy made to resonate has interesting properties.

    Also if you look at photographs of the interior of his 144 foot pyramid and check out the inner framework, you see a bunch of triangles. It seems very symmetrical in there. Each side of the triangle made of the same material, cut to the same lengths and joined with the same parts. If each part that made up the pyramid was tuned to the same pitch as the entirety, it would ring like a bell. This means the sizes you choose are also important since they equal notes and some notes resonate well with life and others don’t. Google 432 Hz music to get a feel for it. I find it interesting that he chose master numbers for the heights of his pyramids. 44 meters, 22 meters, 11 meters. Why? If I make mine at 1.1, 2.2 or 4.4 meters do I get the same results as him on a smaller scale? Does any of this even matter?

    Quite a few things to consider really.

    • admin says:

      All of what you say makes total sense and once you start drilling down into frequencies and harmonics it gets pretty wild pretty quickly. I suggest to anyone I talk to to to make russian pyramids as a factor of the 44m one. But as you say it may make no difference and certainly Joe Parr’s work is impressive and he used tiny pyramids.

    • khaya says:

      did you try in a smaller scale i am interested to know..also 144 is always coming in my life all the time and wondering why and what did you find with the 432 hz whats the connection/harmony??tks

      • admin says:

        I have built several Russian style pyramids the largest being just over 4ft. Unfortunately I don’t have a direct way of measuring Hz so I have to go observe the effect of my pyramid more indirectly.

  16. Jhana says:

    After Napoleon spent one night in the great pyramid of Giza, he was asked what his experience was in there. He responded that if he told, nobody would believe him 🙂

    • admin says:

      The list of powerful people who have spent the night in the Great Pyramid would surprise many out there, that’s for sure!

  17. Blake says:

    Hello, its wonderful to find this site with this much Russian pyramid discussion happening. I have just a few questions if anyone can help.

    1. Where can I find the primary (or any) of Alexander Golod’s published science journals on the his pyramids? Or, any journals by any of the research groups from the Russian National Academy of Sciences? I don’t expect any Western journals/institutions to even look at this data.

    2. Why do Golod’s Pyramids work better with the tall/steep angle? If they work better than the great pyramids of Giza, how could the Egyptians (or Atlantians?) make such a huge mistake?

    3. I understand that metal disrupts (or reduces?) the torsion energy and cannot be used in the pyramids, but nobody that I can find has discussed why. Does this include ALL metals, or just ferrous (magnetic) iron or what?

    4. What type of fiberglass does Golod use?

    Thanks to any and all who can point me in the right direction. My email is

    • admin says:

      Hi Blake,

      Sorry for the long delay. Many other competing demands. Sigh.

      1. Where can I find the primary (or any) of Alexander Golod’s published science journals on the his pyramids? Or, any journals by any of the research groups from the Russian National Academy of Sciences? I don’t expect any Western journals/institutions to even look at this data.

      Do you read Russian? I think these documents are most likely available if one could only read them. I have found exerpts which I put in the book but no PDF’s of whole studies.

      2. Why do Golod’s Pyramids work better with the tall/steep angle? If they work better than the great pyramids of Giza, how could the Egyptians (or Atlantians?) make such a huge mistake?

      Apparently the steep pyramids send more energy out. The Nubians at Meru did build this way but maybe they were too effective and dried up all the storms that brought meager rain to the area?

      3. I understand that metal disrupts (or reduces?) the torsion energy and cannot be used in the pyramids, but nobody that I can find has discussed why. Does this include ALL metals, or just ferrous (magnetic) iron or what?

      Many people including Reich say copper is OK and some say iron too in the foundation. I suggest building and testing.

      4. What type of fiberglass does Golod use?

      Unknown at this time. Sorry

  18. Jack says:

    I’m very interested in this and topics related to it and I believe in the work/tests….However if you are building pyramids that are to emulate the one found in Ciaro, Egypt. I hope you know it has 8 sides not 4. The 4 sides are actually slightly concave and makes up 8 sides not 4. So my question is did you build your pyramid with 4 sides or with 8 like the Egyptians??

    • admin says:

      Hi Jack,

      All the research I have done shows that even though the Great Pyramid has concave sides a 4 sided pyramid will work. Especially the steeper Russian style pyramids.

  19. Michael says:

    Thank you for sharing information like this. Could you post speciations/measurements for a Russian pyramid and the one you have built.
    Thanks Michael

    • admin says:

      Hi Michael,

      The pyramid I referenced here is a prototype. While it still works the angles have been refined with feedback from Dr. Flannagan and others. Download the new pyramid builders guide, build a few and report back with your impressions. Thanks!

  20. I am curious where you got the angle for the top and the one for the bottom. I have been doing some research. This is the only one that give me these angles thus far in my research. I have been looking up sacred triangles. I got a little pyramid made out of bluish mineral in Sedona. I like the way that it makes my energy feel.

    I want to try laying in a triangle that I made for an hour and see what effects it has. Please let us know of your results. I know some places hang triangles over the head of the bed or the middle of it, maybe this will help you out with the little 2×2 triangle.

    • admin says:

      The angles depend on what type of pyramid your are working on. I suggest downloading the manual and trying out some small pyramids. If they work for you then scale up and watch the energy go exponential!

      • khaya says:

        could you send the link for the download to built the Nubian pyramid with all dimensions and angles, i will appreciate, tks

        • admin says:

          Hi Khaya,

          Go ahead and download the book here it explains everything you need to build pyramids with all the dimensions and angles explained in detail.

  21. Marek says:

    Hi everyone,
    since I was kid I played with them, when my leg broke I was putting it into the pyramid and so on. Recent years I collected everything I could find on pyramid power – from Russian research to Dr. Flanagans work to The Law of One. If you are interested, join facebook group Pyramid Power Research We should make connections and internationalize research in this fascinating field.

    Ing. Marek Kucak, PhD.

  22. denis buggy says:

    to dr pat flanagan can you comment on why all russian pyramids had to be made without metal . regards denis

    • admin says:

      And then the next expert says it has to be made of all metal. I am feeling confused too. That’s why I wrote the book and suggest everyone grab a copy and build some test pyramids. See which ones work better and report back!

  23. Ron says:

    I know nothing of these pyramid claims. It occurs to me though that If a four sided pyramid has such powers, why not a cone, such as an Indian Tee Pee. Has there ever been any study reflecting the affects on Indians sleeping in a Tee Pee all of their lives?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ron,

      Not to my knowledge but there certainly was a thriving and vibrant society here before first contact. Unfortunately for them we came with guns, germs and steel.

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  25. jan says:


    I’m very much interested in pyramids in general and have been reading about this already for years. Now i would like to start doing some tests myself. Everybody who can help me to get extra information is welcome. It’s very difficult to find detailed information. I’m looking to combine things from pyramids with orgone energy – sacred geometry – …. believe all these things are interconnected somehow.
    If somebody could bring me into contact with mr Golod I would very much appreciate it.


    • admin says:

      Dr. Golod seems too busy for direct public interaction. As for orgone and sacred geometry, all platonic solids will collect orgone and pyramids are very effective at this. Even more so if you follow Reich’s instructions of using layers in your construction. Watch out though the power builds up fast!

  26. fred says:

    I read somewhere that it was 72 degrees – haven’t found it yet but I think it was in the Russian website.

    • admin says:

      Post the link if you can find it again! I have had to reverse engineer it since Dr. Golod seems to be pretty cagey about the exact angles.

  27. Joe Payne says:

    What about how other organisms are affected? Bacteria? Plants? Other animals? I’m intrigued and will definitely try a greenhouse pyramid.

  28. David Labay says:

    Let’s see, a pyramid only 44 meters high can beam a column of energy which affects the weather. Why don’t we build them say, 139 meters high, maybe 138 or more in number, side by side along a river like the Nile and see what happens. Oh yeah, we did that already. The result: The Sahara Desert. Pyramids block weather ionization. FACT.

    • admin says:

      Amongst other interesting things! 😉

    • Ananda says:

      The pyramids weren’t always surrounded by arrid dessert. It was once a highly green and lush area where agriculture thrived. Maybe once the ancient Eygptian rule ended and inferior rule took its place and the pyramids were stripped of their core capacitor in the ‘Kings chamber’, their insulated exterior and gold capstone, all of which we acted as ‘controls’ to the power plant, then the raw energy was left unchecked and contributed to the Desert. Just sayin’

      • admin says:

        Hi Ananda,

        I concur. The original pyramids were much different than what we see today. Much more impressive and useful one can only expect.

  29. Patsy Mullany says:

    Patrick Flanagan says that there is no difference between the GP in Egypt model and Dr Golods. that they are both made according to the golden mean one just steeper angles. I built one based on the GP in Eg out of hardboard and have it in my home for ages now and have used it for food and water but also had in in my bedroom.
    if i read some of the testimonials of some of the almost immediate physical /emotional and Geopathic/environmental responses to DR Golods design, they are not at all what i feel with mine.
    So My question is that is the the steepness that makes the difference And/or is it the Matrices that enhance the field as well.
    You seemed to have had a pleasant respond to yours just as is, with no mention of attached matrices, magnets or crystals. So do i recon its the steepness?
    And also regarding the Matrices have you by any chance figured out what the might be made from?
    According to the Canadian Company, Pyramid of Life, that sell them the Matrices are charged in their Great Pyramid. at the cost from the company and our exchange its pretty impossible to purchase them or the pyramids, which is so sad because so many people at this point of where we are from a planetary shift perspective, need help.

    thank you.. Patsy.. South Africa

    • admin says:

      Hi Patsy,

      You are right, the Russian style pyramids work better at putting energy outward because of the steeper angles. Some people find that putting quartz crystals on top (as the point) or inside improves the output on the pyramid but I have not done this so far. I can’t comment on Pyramid of Life though I think they use Shunganite, but according to recent research I have been conducting unless your pyramid is at least 3ft tall it won’t do much except maybe sharpen razor blades.

  30. Yuri says:

    Many years ago (~20 or so) my father built a small pyramid about 5 meters high on his summer property on the Black Sea between Crimea and Sochi. He told me that it helped with some vegetation but then the property was sold after he died a couple years later.
    He was in charge of building power stations and power lines in the central Russia in 70s and 80s and had a patent for long distance wireless electrical energy transmission somewhat similar to Tesla’s , I guess, and another one for horizontal windmill power generator. Both inventions went to nowhere…

    • admin says:

      Hi Yuri,

      Wow! What a loss. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any pictures of the pyramid? Or at least was it a Giza style pyramid or a steeper Russian style pyramid?

  31. Don R. says:

    I’m just curious where in Sochi is one of these pyramids? I’m not going for Olympics but just for the heck of it 🙂

  32. Barbara Dube says:

    Hello and thank you for this information!!

    I would like to know for what reason was the angle changed from 52 to 72 degrees??

    And if I am not mistaken, I believe that there are now more than 20 pyramids built, can you tell me how many there are at the moment??

    Thank You!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara,

      At least 20 but there are huge ones being built in Siberia as we speak so that total is changing daily. As for angles my research has shown that steep pyramids send energy out while the 52degree ones keep it inside. Each one is designed for a specific task or goal.

  33. Suresh Chinniah says:

    Really great,an awesome creation to mankind

  34. mary maskell says:

    Thank you for your research and sharing. I have been interested in pyramids since I was a young child. Have been to Egypt 7 times. Went through an initiation in the King’s sarcophagus. (have photos) I sleep under a pyramid that hangs over my bed.
    (pointed magnetic north.) It helps with energy.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mary,

      Wow! You are a pyramid pioneer! Try a medium to large Russian Pyramid! You will be amazed at the power they put out even just being near one stands your hair on end!

    • Ione says:

      Ok, so you went through initiation and you sleep with a pyramid above you and you probably have a ton of research… all you can tell us is that it ‘helps’ with energy? Can you elaborate a bit more?

      • admin says:

        Hi Ione,

        A lot of work has been done with individuals who meditate. Research shows that under a pyramid theta and alpha brain waves are significantly increased. These frequencies are also higher and the signal strength is twice the amplitude of a normal test subject. Dr. Carl Benedicks showed that the pyramid shape either wire frame or closed produces a resonance frequency inside it. Later, German scientists, Born and Lertes, proved that this frequency was in the microwave range.

        Doctors have been using Pyramids as well.
        A Canadian hospital is using a pyramid in their burn ward. The results; patients reported were that after being under the pyramid for a few minutes, pain was reduced significantly. They also found that burns treated under the pyramid healed much faster.

        How is this possible?
        Pyramids generate negative ions. Negative Ions help to repair body cells. They’re transmitted into the body through the skin and lungs and are circulated by the blood. This is why the German medical system routinely prescribes patients go to the beach for health, negative ions.

        In addition to negative ion generation, pyramids (Russian and other types) have a general balancing effect on the body’s electromagnetic field. This effect is greatly enhanced by sitting or sleeping under a pyramid.

        “Charging” crystals and water with pyramids is another way of using the subtle energy developed under a pyramid. Quartz crystals are most effective for that, as they hold the charge for several weeks. These crystals can then be used for healing purpose as they release their charge into the surrounding. See Valery Uvarov’s amazing pyramid complex in Siberia for crystals in action.

          * Large pyramids (the kind you sit inside) are often used for meditation, massage, acupuncture, Reiki, healing and sleep.
          * Most people report that after sleeping inside a pyramid they find that they need less sleep and feel more relaxed and energized when they wake up.
          The pyramid seems to activates the pineal and pituitary glands thus promoting balance, relaxation, tranquility, well-being, and in some instances, the reduction of headaches.

        Evidence From Archaeologists
        Egyptologists have found well preserved grain in tombs that is over four thousand years old as well as honey and wine (albeit dehydrated!). In sharp contrast, grain stored in a modern silo will begin to spoil after only a few seasons of storage and in modern silos usually keeps no longer than four years.

        So do pyramids “help”? In my opinion YES! But don’t believe me, download the book, test this stuff for yourself and if it doesn’t work out ask for a full refund and keep the book.

        Hope that helps,


  35. luke morrison says:

    This is all very interesting, but where are the documented research papers? Where is the evidence? If all the miraculous things mentioned in this article were actually true, why wouldn’t every medical research facility erect one and use it? Or is this just a whole bunch of story telling mumbo jumbo again?

    For example, all the rumors of “undiscovered pyramids” in jungles of Peru, Denali, underwater etc, (as James E. Schildgen mentions) aren’t officially mapped and photographed? Why aren’t these a part of my history book?

    I will tell you why, because this is all hearsay BS!

    • admin says:

      Hey Luke,

      Thanks for the comments. You might ask the same questions of Merck or Glaxo-Smith-Kline. Why do they not make lifesaving drugs if there are only 1.5million people who need them. I don’t know. But as for evidence it is all there in my book for the claims I make. If the Russian Pyramid builders and researchers falsified the studies then we have a problem of course. As for undiscovered pyramids the pyramids in Bosnia and China are visible on Google Earth so I don’t really get your comment about “aren’t officially mapped”. Maybe you mean open for tourism?

  36. natalie armitage says:

    Hi. I’ve been reading on the pyramids, and I can’t seem to find anyone who is selling specs on these wonderful structures.. I haven’t a clue how to begin to measure and cut (I’m mathematically challenged. Does any one have ideas where I can find instructions?

    • admin says:

      Download my book! It outlines exactly what you need to know in plain language so anyone (even math challenged types) can build a properly functioning Russian Pyramid at home.

      • khaya says:

        thanks to send the download of your book, i am interested.
        though i am confused with all that i read between the Giza and the Nubian?!
        i guess they are both beneficial for healing but in your opininon which one will you use for healing and which material ?orgone, titanium ?!?

        • admin says:

          As I understand the research the Giza pyramids focus energy inside for growing plants, relieving pain, etc. while the Russian or Nubian style pyramids focus energy outward to improve weather, geopathic stress and em radiation. As for material the more massive the better and if you follow Dr. Golod’s advice keep metal out. But if you look at Valery Uvarov he makes cement pyramids and Les Brown who built with wood both included lots of metal in them so I suggest trying both and seeing which gives you better results.

  37. Katrena says:

    Gives a bit of a new thought to why they were built in ancient times perhaps we are just repeating the same mistakes as past generations with over 3500 nuclear reactors currently active on our planet your research may be essential for the future. Where can i buy one

    • admin says:

      Hi Katrena,

      I agree with you! We need a network of 10,000 Russian Pyramids all over the globe as soon as possible. As for buying one you can get small ones from Dr. Patrick Flannagan’s site. But the real power is in big ones so building your own (or having it built) is the best bet and that’s why I wrote the book.

  38. Euclid says:

    Don’t forget sum of angles in an triangle is 180!!!
    55+55+72 = 182 !!!
    Is impossible to build such triangles – how many peoples succeded???
    Maybe it was a problem when you translate the numbers from rusian 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the notice! As you can see my math is not the greatest that’s why I have number crunching maniacs from all over the world helping me out on the angles, formulas and other esoteric math in the pyramid builders manual. So as people build we will get more and more valuable feedback leading to hopefully some new and interesting discoveries.

  39. Steve says:

    Hi, I’ve made a few little paper and wire Pyramids so far(Giza and Sudan style), also a fold away, sit inside, open sided, copper Pyramid(Sudan style 72 degrees)

    I was wondering if you could share the base length and sides length of your wooden 2.5′ high pyramid.

    Many thanks. Steve.

    ‘Share the truth, share the knowledge’

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,

      The base length totally depends on what size pyramid you want and of course you want the biggest one you can fit in your life. The pyramid I built is a working prototype and since then I have refined the math significantly so grab the book and build a wooden pyramid to match your copper one. I would be very interested in your results.

  40. Sandra Watts says:

    Is it possible to purchase one of these mini pyramids?

    • admin says:

      I have been looking into pricing for small pyramids but have not finalized a supplier yet. In the meantime I suggest reading the book and if you aren’t up for the construction yourself it is a very simple job for a trained carpenter. When it comes to russian pyramids he bigger the better so build you own if you possibly can!

  41. Bobby says:

    The pyramids need connectors at 51 degree , 51 minutes and 51 seconds…..its this dimensional address which is needed to replicate the pyramids in egypt …also the person talking about undiscovered pyramid has realized these locations is found along at 51 degree latitude……..thats why its called as a dimensional address

    Its also possible to convert the pyramid ratios into frequencies and use for healings and auric expansion and raising the energy of the human nervous system………one can also create a pyramid energetically using advanced science more than 100 feet…….i have done the above …..and all I can say is …..the interaction changes you spiritually and physically you heal alot faster

    • admin says:

      Send the pyramid pictures Bobby! I would love to build a 100ft pyramid but simply don’t have the resources right now.

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  43. Richard Davies says:

    Look in to agnihotra which uses a specific sized step pyramid and fire at a specific time of sunset and sunrise, burning rice, ghee and cow dung. Sounds unusual but it works. i feel its the ionosphere with sunrise and sunset with fire is the key to pyramids. PYR-A-MID FIRE IN THE MIDDLE Maybe sunrise and sunset burning in other pyramids at the same time

    • admin says:

      Sounds like a novel approach but if it is working don’t stop! The more pyramids that are active the better.

  44. Omoba Olugbenga Ala says:

    I have been working on pyramids and how the energies concentrated in them can be used as seed energizers for more than 3 years now. The pyramid and other more regular symmetrical shapes were tested and we have found the seed energizing effect of the regular symmetrical shapes like the dodecahedrons or icosahedrons to be even more than that from the asymmetrical pyramids. The crops used in the experiments were cowpea, groundnut, maize and soybean. All the crops showed improved growth and yield responses.

  45. Pingback: The Russian Pyramid Research Program | Earth. We are one.

  46. Kate says:

    I would like to buy your ebook with a money order, as I do not want to use a credit card online. do you have a hard copy or a flash drive, and an address where I can mail payment.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kate,

      Email me directly sasha AT if you are still interested in picking up the eBook in physical (USB drive) form.

  47. Kate says:

    I would like to buy your ebook with a money order, as I do not want to use a credit card online. do you have a hard copy or a flash drive, and an address where I can mail payment. Please email a reply. I have had materials ready for building a pyramid for some time, and a person who makes connectors for metal pyramids,

    also, the old lab rat on youtube makes them out of cement, with interesting results.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kate,

      I use ClickBank because of the security and credit card purchases are covered by a money back guarantee and fraud protection from VISA or MC. If you aren’t comfortable ordering online I suggest getting a friend to order for you after you give them the cash for the pyramid book. Then you have it to print, read on your tablet or whatever you wish and it is an instant download.

  48. Raymond goad says:

    How can one Aquire a Crystal from the Dr. Pyramid. I am 45 and recovering from Heart surgery, and would like to see if the Crystals can help in my recovery?

    • admin says:

      Hi Raymond,

      When you refer to the Dr. Pyramid I assume you are referring to the crystal pyramids Dr. Bell claims to have discovered in 1968? If so then sorry I have no idea. However there are some very interesting pyramid products that may be of interest to you on Etsy Russian Pyramids for Sale. I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery and remember you MUST align your pyramids properly to gain the healing effect.

  49. Raymond goad says:

    Hi I am replying to a E-Mail I received in return to the question of crystals. I’m referring to the crystals that were left in the Dr.’s Pyramid for an unspecified time, one of which was sent, and is currently on the Space Station.
    I’m wondering if I can get my hands on a Crystal, same as one currently on Space Station?
    Thank you for your earlier reply and looking forward to your response.
    Thanks again,

    • admin says:

      Hi Ray,

      Unfortunately other than the report you reference I have heard nothing more about Russian pyramid crystals. Short of going to Russia to charge some crystals of your own I think you might be better off building your own pyramids then you can charge as much water or as many crystals as you need. Plus you get all the others benefits as well.

  50. Michael hill says:

    can u send me directions on exactly how to build them as I am going to build a dozen 10ft tall pyramids on my oil lease! One at each wellbore!


  51. Dave Lyle says:

    40 years ago I owned a nice Cheops style pyramid that a friend made with an aluminum frame and cotton covering. It had an aluminum “capstone”. It was large enough for me to sleep in which I did for a few years. I always kept it aligned to magnetic north. I wish I had not gotten rid of it, but sometimes we make mistakes. I would like to have another pyramid and probably will one day. I did experience beneficial effects with my pyramid despite it being constructed of metal. Because it was constructed about the same time as the “Pyramid Power” book was written, I guess my friend was not aware other materials may work better.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the story. I will be building a huge Giza pyramid one of these days as a greenhouse. Les Brown had amazing results back in the 1970’s and I am interested in testing it myself for use as a greenhouse.

  52. Robert fry says:

    I am wanting to build one of my own. Any particular dimensions to follow? As for angles and such.

  53. James Widing says:

    I am curious, what are your findings of the effects of orgone with 5 sided pyramids. My curiosity extends from something I’m expirencing myself that is nothing short of a science fiction novel. Case in point, I’ll leave that part out, I have a seriously wild theory about it, I just want to know if you have done any experiments with them?

    • admin says:

      Hi James,

      Please email me directly at sasha AT with your full story! As for Orgone it is on my list of things to research but unfortunately with the kids, building our place and planning larger pyramids no time right now. Sigh. What are you experiencing? Also, I have to admit I am a bit concerned about the amount of energy that might be generated by an Orgone generator Russian pyramid!

  54. thomas says:

    Hello, i have not yet purchased your book, but i read these posts and I would like to know what evidence you have to claim that Nubian pyramids spread the energy outwards and the Giza keeps it inwards? I know Russians did many experiments on the changes it created in the environment, but arent there a lot of people making Nubian meditation pyramids now such as nick edwards and his supermax? Does this mean these are not effective for sitting in?

    • admin says:

      Hi Thomas,

      My comment in regard to the energies generated are based on the results from the Russian Pyramid research done in Russia and the Ukraine by Dr. Golod and others. There is no doubt that Nubian pyramids are very effective as well. Remember Dr. Flannagan offers them for sale at his website too! My reading leads me to believe that all shapes have power. That being said some are more effective than others. Les Brown showed how the Giza style pyramid improved crops grown inside and Dr. Golod showed that Russian type pyramids seemed to effect weather and deep underground. To be sure one must try all the types and record the results!

  55. Warren York says:

    Have ancient technology to share with you of the pyramid.

  56. Brett says:

    It looks like you have been experimenting with pyramids for at least a few years now. Can you tell me what results you got? Where they the Nubian style or Great Pyramid style?

    • admin says:

      Hi Brett,

      I have had good luck with the Russian (Nubian) type pyramids however I am keen to do a large scale Giza type pyramid for comparison and as a greenhouse. The results some are getting from growing in a pyramid are even more amazing than the growth I get around my pyramid (native plants springing up out of solid rock).

  57. Dean says:

    I am interested in pyramid greenhouses and have books by Les Brown and Patrick Flanagan. Perhaps the best design for a pyramid greenhouse was by an Ontario, Canada inventor — last name Graham. The pyramid was built upon a base of large, smooth stones which stored solar heat from the pyramid via solar-powered fans and 4 large pipes which conveyed the warmer air at the apex — downward and through the voids of the stone heat sink. Unfortunately, the web site regards this solar-heated greenhouse has disappeared from the www — and, due to a hard drive failure on my PC — I’ve lost the file containing the details and pictures of this pyramid. The inventor claimed that his pyramid design needed no other heat source for growing certain crops even in the winters of Ontario, Canada.

    Perhaps someone on the www has knowledge of this pyramid design and. hopefully, — contact info for the inventor or his web site.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dean,

      What a mystery for some pyramid sleuth to ferret out! I am VERY interested in building a pyramid greenhouse next to my biodome greenhouse. So if you do track down any information please contact me as I would like to do an article on it.

  58. singh manohar babrah says:

    Thanks for letting for getting the ignarance cleared …the basic difference betwween Nubian and Giza pyramids.

    • admin says:

      My understanding is Nubian pyramids focus energy out while Giza style pyramids focus it inward toward the Kings chamber area.

  59. senthil ganesh says:

    This is senthil ganesh from india. I already built a pyramid base 25 inches and angle length 40.5 inches in wood.Now I want to know how can I set it to the true north. Im in southern hemisphere so I can’t see the pole star. Compass aligning is not suitable for wooden pyramid. So kindly help me to align the pyramid to the true north. Thanks.

  60. Dina says:

    According to David Wilcock’s research (the author), the Russian Pyramid uses NO metal of any kind, hence the fabric of choice is PVC which is helpful as there are many types of connectors that can be purchased to build a functioning pyramid. It is also really cheap material to buy making this a very affordable healing device for home use. Place/assemble the pyramid outside on the grass, sand or concrete means you are also ‘earthing’ and grounded. Add a 100% cotton towel or cushion and you have a fabulous meditation center too. The height/width ratio for a manageable size for home healing is 9 feet x 2.14 = 4.2 feet base…..I used flexible PVC connectors WITHOUT glue so it could be easily disassembled for moving house or travelling to a kewl location like a beach. Assembles in minutes. I had a friend create some fabric (100% cotton) cover for it. Just kinda drops over it with a seam to open like a teepee to get inside. I then added a plastic bowl on top full of quartz crystals to add some power to the pyramid. I then put a good sized quartz crystal in each of the 4 corners as well. Crystals are excellent sources and become charged inside the pyramid too. Everything you want to drink, eat or use on yourself can be stored inside while you are not using it for meditation.

    • admin says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the input Dina. I find it interesting that Les Brown in his pyramid greenhouse was a big fan of iron for grounding? It seems to me that a pendulum and several pyramids properly aligned would give some valuable input to the whole question of metal in pyramid design. Interesting thar Dr. Flannagan make all titanium Nubian (Russian) style pyramids and even in the Great Pyramid there is evidence of iron and copper being used. More research needed!

  61. Warren York says:

    I have some new update info on how to activate the pyramid.

  62. Ted emrick says:

    I’m working on a 144″ tall Russian pyramid and like some help with the size of PVC pipes. So far my lay out is a 91.68 bottem and 149 1/2 ” sides.
    Since I’m just an artist with sculls to build this and not so much on the math would one of you calc genius help out. Thanks so much Ted Emrick

  63. Warren York says:

    I see I have a lot of catching up to do here with the post. My understanding is the original slope is 51.5 degrees. There is a 500 page PDF that is free on the free I will post if not already posted. Titled The Complete Pyramid Source book, by John DeSalva, PhD.

  64. Randy says:

    Thank all of you for your Russian pyramid help and comments they were extremely helpful!

  65. Omer says:

    Hello, i want to build a wood pyramid to be able to sit inside, i want to use only the basic structure ( 8 sticks, ( 4 at the base and 4 standing) ) , with out covering the sides, and in this way i can sit , maybe meditate and still be a part of nature around….. would it still have an affect ?, i think it would, love

    • admin says:

      Hi Omer,
      Definitely! Dr. Flanagan’s pyramids are made in the “open style” and work just fine. What about lexan or glass covering the pyramid to keep you dry and keep the view?

  66. David says:

    2trains of thought. One using copper and one using wood , pcv or other non metallic material? Your thoughts?

    • admin says:

      I would build both and then test them in similar locations (outside away from as much RF as possible) with a pendulum, dowsing rods, etc. to see which performs better. Dr. Patrick Flanagan uses titanium in his Nubian pyramids (frame only) however David Wilcock and Dr. Golod both seemed to feel strongly that metal could be an issue. Only one way to find out though, as local geological stressors, lay lines, etc. may well impact your results. Let us know what you find out!

  67. John says:

    It occured to me, that you can use your construction to make a negative mold, for plaster or concrete pour. Has this been tried? Wouldn’t be an expensive venture.

    • admin says:

      There is some amazing work with cement pyramids in Siberia and I have been dreaming of a large scale 3D printer to actually print cement/plaster pyramids whole on site with no molds!

  68. Adam Martinez says:

    Hello, I Was Wondering If There Was A Way To Draw This Out On Paper Flat.I Wanted To Make A Mini Pyramid With Paper But Didn’t Know How To Get The Degrees

    • admin says:

      There are a number of pyramid template in the book to try. Mostly Giza style pyramids but once you have done one of those try a Russian Pyramid and let us know how it goes! I would love to see how a Russian pyramid activator tray would work.

  69. Shane says:

    Hi my name is Shane. I have had this feeling that the (number 9 theory or vortex mathematics) is enslaved in the perfect pyramid. Would really like to chat to someone that has had a similar thought process (or not). My primitive conclusion suggest that the 72 degree pyramid definitely has its own magical capabilities.

  70. Marsha Egerton says:

    Fantastic. I would love to use a Go Fund Me or some thing like that to build the 12 meter one. I wonder what that would cost. I would get a GDV camera to see some other energetic changes. Perhaps an Emf meter Geiger counter and ?

  71. Marsha says:

    Fantastic. I would love to use a Go Fund Me or some thing like that to build the 12 meter one. I wonder what that would cost. I would get a GDV camera to see some other energetic changes. Perhaps an Emf meter Geiger counter and ?

  72. Ron Russell says:

    I’m interested in more of your experiments and research!

  73. Mattias says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, tho I red a lot of them, but didn’t see anything mentioning the health benefits of the pyramids, last night I watched a presentation by Dr Osmanagich in which he presented a lot of supposed facts about the positive effects a visit can have on our health.

    Thanks for the great info on here!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mattias,

      I haven’t been as active online as I would like there are many studies and reports of great results from use of pyramid water, pyramids for meditation, pyramids for pain control etc. I would love to hear how your pyramid impacts your health. For me, the main result was that soon after I built the Russian placed it outside our home my wife was able to get pregnant after a number of miss-carriages. This may be totally coincidental but I noticed my mood, general well being improved dramatically after the pyramid was installed. I also sleep better and there are plants growing out of solid bare rock (that were never there before) all around the pyramid!

  74. Allen says:

    Any updates or advice? I’m just starting to research this now and hoping to build a few of my own soon.

    • admin says:

      Build as many as you can! They are synergistic and the more Russian pyramids you have the more powerful the effects are reported to be.

  75. Jake says:

    I’m producing and selling Plastic pyramid made from PVC pipes and 3D printed PLA parts.
    London, UK.

    15% discount when you mention this web site

    Please visit my website.

    Like my Facebook page.


  76. johnny says:

    Hey all. Just an idea for an experiment. Has anyone tried growing crystals inside of a pyramid? Even just a cheap crystal growing kit. I’d love to know the results.

  77. Ana says:

    I’m practicing meditation in a copper tube pyramid. I find I feel a magnetic pull in my head, clients of mine feel the same. They also feel a swirl sensation, mini explosions on their skin, if you fall asleep, the sleep is deepen in the pyramid.
    I’m wondering if you support that pyramid use during meditation deepens manifestation and increases healing?
    Thank you kindly. Looking foreword to your reply.

    • admin says:

      Hi Anna,
      Even though Dr. Golod was very firm in his belief that there should be no metal in a Russian Pyramid others including Dr. Flannagen suggest that many metals are very conductive to effective pyramid results. In fact copper and titanium are both considered to be excellent. This site is for exploration and research rather than the blind faith following of one persons vision, so in that regard, congratulations! You are trusting your inner senses, your embodied intelligence which is always in contact with the source and even more powerfully so when in a pyramid. Please send pictures for the site!

  78. Tommy Hollister says:

    Great Work.
    As you most likely know we in the West have been duped for many years by
    everyone from our Secret Scientists, Psychiatrists, top Doctors, Physicists and even
    our Musicians etc. Its nice to see the world waking up someones got to be the pied piper. Good for you. Show them how it was done and build on it – and then some. Peace.

    Tommy Hollister
    Singer Songwriter

    P.S. It may take a while but we’ll eventually catch on – the GIG is up. YEAH

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